What age did you allow your kids to sleep with a pillow?

Ok I have a question so my daughter just turned 1 the 30th of October at what age did you start letting your kids sleep with a pillow she moves around a lot when she sleeps?


If she sleeps fine without one then id wait till shes over 2…
My daughter is 20 months old and doesnt need one yet x

  1. He has a full size bed, two pillows and a comforter

1 and made sure it was a pretty flat pillow

3 months. I had to. Bc my son use to spit up. And choke on his vomit so I added a pillow. He doesn’t do it anymore. Hes 2 btw

Not until she was after 2.

I didn’t give my daughter a pillow until she was older but she had issues with her nose being clogged from allergies literally ALL the time so I would fold up a blanket and put it underneath her mattress so that she would be slightly propped up. I just got her a paw patrol pillow a few months ago so she was about 2 when I gave her a pillow but she slept with one every now and then before that!

He would crawl up on mine when he would sleep in our bed but he got his own at 2 when he moved to toddler bed.

Mine were 2 or older

From birth with all 3. Started with a nursing pillow and went from there.


My son got his pillow a week before his 2nd birthday. My daughter is 1 and still doesnt have a pillow. I would wait till right around 2

My son slept with a body pillow from about 8 months on :woman_shrugging:t2: only way he would sleep. Now he’s 14 months and sleeps with a regular pillow. He rolls a lot throughout the night too

6months with his boppy

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We didn’t give our kiddos pillows until they asked for them and even then we found the thinnest ones we could.

My son had a pillow and his favorite small blanky around a year.

My daughter has been using one since about 8 months.

When they started asking for one.

Both of mine had pillows right around a year old.

With my first she was about 15 months, when she potty trained and I moved her from crib to toddler bed. My second is only 6 months and does not use a pillow.

2 when he went in toddler bed xx