What age did you buy your daughter their first baby doll?

Hey girl mamas, I was Christmas shopping, and I was curious at what age is it appropriate to buy her a first baby doll? I know it will vary because every child is different but just an idea. She will be one year old — also, recommendations for a first baby doll.


We got ours one last year, she was 2.

We love the baby alive dolls

I got my daughter her first at 1. She is now 15 months. It’s her favourite. Plays with it all the time.
Push the tummy and it’s coos and says mama. Lol

Cabbage patch has soft body baby dolls that are smaller. Just gave my cousin one for her 1st birthday and she wouldn’t put her down. All you can do is get one and see if she takes to it, if she doesn’t right away I’m sure she will soon. My daughter is 9 and still plays with them,just in a more “mommy” type way now.

Any age. There are doll babies for every age kid now

Any age, maybe since she’s one dont spend too much money on the doll

My son is 8 months, and he has a baby doll. He likes the softer ones that are easier to hold onto, but at 1, any baby doll would work!

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Got one for Christmas last year at 10 months. Didn’t really start playing with it til 19 months. But I’m also pregnant and talking lots about babies too her

I got mine the baby stroller and a doll. She likes the stroller more. So does the cat. She doesn’t like when the cat gets in it, since he’s too fat for her to push

My daughter has had dolls since she was born she has about 5. And she is 6

I got my daughter her first baby doll when she was about 18 months.

No daughter, but if you think she’ll like one go ahead and get one. They have ones that are made to be safe for that age!

My parents got her a baby doll when she was maybe 9 months old. She loved it. She still has it and plays with it. She is now 3 years old

My daughter has loved baby dolls since she was 9m old. She had around four baby dolls and loves to hug on them.

My daughter had like 5 by the time she was 1.

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My daughter has 3 and she’s not even 1 yet.

My daughter is 21 months and got her first at 1yr she has like 20 now loves her babies

My daughter was 9 months old she’s 4 now and obessed with them

My daughter loved hers on her first birthday