What age did you give your child a sippy cup and juice?

When did everyone start their kids on a sippy cup and juice??


I started my daughter on sippy cups and juice a day after her first birthday.

My soon started on a sippy at about a year but no juice. He prefers ice water.

My child is 3, and has never had a drop of juice & if you offer it he says no

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No juice until after they turned 1.

6 months started a sippy cup with water then 8-9 months was half juice half water. Only milk in bottle and dropped the bottle at 13 months with all three of my kids

Hold off on juice as long as possible. My 9 month old currently uses a sippy cup with water.
After the age of one she might get watered down prune juice if she’s constipated. Water and milk for the first couple of years :slightly_smiling_face:

Six months the nuk sippy cups and then slowly taught them to drink from a cup and straw

Juice came here and there as a treat. No need for juice at any age.

Nine months sippy cup and straw cup

Juice after 1 but only one cup a day

Sippy cup age 1 . they are 5.5 and 3.5 and dont get juice. They dont even like it when offered . My daughter takes waterboxes to school :slight_smile:

Sippy cups 6 months though she never took until a year old. Juice is rare after a year old as well.

I took mine off bottles when he started getting most of his front top and bottom teeth (his dads teeth are all messed up so I was trying to prevent that issue) he took it better than a bottle he was about 10 months when all his teeth came in and juice i didnt start tell after he was a year old

6 months (1/4 juice 3/4 water).

Never. I only gave my children water in sippy cups and my daughter started drinking out of sippy cups with straws at 7 months. My started drinking out of a sippy cup at about 9 months

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Juice is full of sugar and empty calories. I never gave my son juice.

He had a sippy cup with water starting at 10 months.

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My girl will be one in five days and I just started sippy cups two days ago with milk and juice

11 months for sippy cup an juice.

My son started sippys at 6 months and I would water juice down starting at 7 months. He only got milk in his bottle and water and juice in his cup. We threw the bottle out a week before his first birthday

My youngest grandson was on half water and half apple juice at 4 months old. It was suggested by his doctor for constipation. And on a sippy just under a year old.