What age did you stop co sleeping?

When she popped out.

My five year old had started sleeping on his own but for some reason about 3 months ago he started waking up freaking out thinking there were ghosts in his room and now he wont sleep in his room at all he wont even play in there unless someone is with him. I dont mind and neither does my husband. However if my husband did have a problem I would still let my child co sleep, my baby comes first.

look up the super nanny method. worked great on my step kids.

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Lmao my son is going on 7 and if my bf isnt here to sleep with me in my bed my son will sleep with me … He hates it when i make him sleep in his own bed ! Ive heard its normal and eventually they will want their own space . but what the hell do i know about anything :sweat_smile:

Definitely unfollowing this page at this point. Annoying.


My daughter is nearly 12 and if we go out of town and need a hotel or stay with a relative she still sleeps next to me. And will be allowed to crawl into my bed anytime she wants until the day I die.

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Go hard or go home as they say . Do a Nice routine and settle her in her own bed it will be hard with lots of tantrums but u need to ignore her and after 3 nights you will see she will gentle stop fighting it but dont give up … your the mum your the boss and you deserve a evening and a bed with your partner

My kids never co slept with me, but I stayed in mums bed until I was like 8… I remember her making my room and bed somewhere I really wanted to be… so maybe even a re-decoration would help :slight_smile: and a monster spray or something so she feels safe

Never put any kids in my bed. Crib beside the bed under age of two and after that they slept in their own rooms. However both my sister’s and sister in law all cosleep/slept with their children one who is 8 years old and still sleeps with the mom, however, the moms are all single so not really an issue there.
I’d say it’s up to you to choose whether YOU are ready having the child not in bed with you anymore. F*** what a man wants. Husband, boyfriend whomever. F em. It’s up to you.


My 8 yr old still sleeps with me along with my 10 month old

My oldest never co-slept. My middle child co-slept until he was ~2 years old. My youngest is still co-sleeping and she’s 4 1/2 years old. She goes to bed on her own but won’t sleep the whole night unless I’m in bed with her.
But I’m a single mom so nobody is bothered by her sleeping in bed with me.

Never. We have 2 daughters. Neither if them currently or in the past slept with us. They have since day 1 slept on their own

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Do it your own way I see nothing wrong with sleeping with your kids because my 16 year old son will still fall sleep with me if were watching a movie together as well as my six and three year old. But I did do a schedule because I work tonight for a very long time and still do I would make them brush their teeth to get ready for bed and read them a book doing that consistently helped them.

Admittedly, I am super annoyed with everything today. He can be mad all he wants! Do you even realize how short their childhood is? My daughter slept with me until she was 9 and I remarried. She’s 22 now and I’d give anything for one more night that I could rub her back, feet, stroke her hair, and snuggle with her. Men come and go. Your child is forever!

Get rid of bf…nothing wrong with ur princess sleeping with u !!!


My daughter is 3 almost 4 and we still co sleep

She’s your child, keep doing what your doing your daughter needs you and she won’t be little much longer…my grandson is 8 I still lay down with him til he falls asleep and times he gets up in the night to get in bed with me…

My son slept with me for the first 7 months of his life, then in his own bed in his own room until he was about 4, then he started sleeping with me again, he will be 6 in a week. He does occasionally sleep in his bed but mostly he sleeps with me, but it’s just me and him in our house so it’s whatever. :laughing:

My kid has slept either my bed or the same room on a bed right next to me since birth hes almost 5 now If u have no problem with it tell ur bf to eat a bag of dicks
If ur seriously trying to get her in her own bed and room for u and not him start with baby steps have her bed right next to urs. I started with both mattresses on the floor so theyre at the same level then u can slowly move it away. If she gets up move her back on her bed and keep on it. Have her pick out a room design stuff to go in her room New bedding etc with Her favorite character colors etc if u can afford all tht. Wall stickers or if u can paint the walls maybe do tht and let her help a bit let her be involved and make a space she likes. Its gonna take some time and its gonna be stressful but do not do it bc hes being a little bitch abt it thts ur baby and she will only be little for so long so if u have no issues with her being in ur bed dont move her