What age did you stop letting your child dress up when going out in public?

At what age did you stop letting your littles dress up while going out? My daughter is 3.5 and loves to play dress-up, and I encourage it; you’re only young once, and I think it’s bloody adorable. But she’s also really tall and looks like a five-year-old. Today when we were out, she wanted to be a cheetah, so I gave her whiskers, and we set out for our day. I got a ton of dirty looks, and I’m wondering if maybe I should stop encouraging it and keep it as something we only do at home?

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Continue letting her be a kid and have fun! Can’t imagine why anyone would be giving you dirty looks. Their problem not yours.

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I’d let her do it as long as she wanted. There are times where appropriate attire are required but if that’s not the case let her be the little free spirit that she is.


They are only little once! Good job mamma❤


My kids can do as they please. If it’s modest I don’t have an issue

There’s nothing wrong w it. Let them stare, all that matters is ur child is happy.

Let them look. Wonder how their kids turned out? :woman_shrugging:t2: I’d let her continue and keep encouraging her creativity.

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My daughter is 13 now and I haven’t stopped lol

Did she notice people looking at her? Was she enjoying herself?
Seems like you’re more worried about peoples conception of you as a parent rather than your little just enjoying herself. :frowning: Let her dress up. She will grow out of it eventually! You might consider buying an animal print scarf to match her next time she wants to walk out dressed up like an animal. :grin:

Continue letting her be a kid! My daughter is 5 & when we went to see frozen 2 in theaters she dressed up like Elsa. Big poofy blue dress, tiara & braid.
The ones giving you dirty looks are the ones with the problem not you. Let your little one be a kid & let her dress up how she wants.

My son use to wear costumes all the time. Home. Store. Restaurant. I could care less. He wasn’t naked so that was a win. Lol. He is 10yrs now. Did it till he was about 8yrs. He stopped on his own

Let her enjoy being a kid. That’s whats wrong in today’s world . Kid’s are forced and encouraged to grow up and they miss out on all the fun stuff. I say :fu:t5:those ppl and continue doing what you have been for your baby​:heart:


When she wants to stop. Screw what strangers think, why care?

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Everyone judges about everything! Live your life forget about what anyone else thinks!!!

I’d let her do it as long as she wants, who cares what others think?:woman_shrugging:

Let her do it as long as she wants. She’s a kid. My kid the other day wore half a Halloween costume to school, they’re in grade 1 and have no intention of stopping. It’s their style.

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Eh, don’t pay attention to what people think about you. You do whatever you would like with your child. (I think it’s adorable and makes you an A+ mother.)

I let mine dress up for as long as they are comfortable doing it and even after I encourage them to decide what to wear daily :woman_shrugging:

Let her be in costume any time she wants as long as she is appropriately dressed! You will always have someone judging you! Ignore them!

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Let her be a kid. My daughter at age four went out all winter I. Her frog costume.