What age did you stop swaddling?

What age did you stop swaddling? How did you do it? Cold turkey? Weaning? Or something like a zipadee-zip type thing?


We stoppped when my daughter came home from the hospital. She hated being swaddled.


Maybe 2 weeks stopped cold turkey all my kids hated it

I stopped at like four months and my daughter was fine with the switch no problems at all

We did the transition swaddle ! Leaves their arms out

They were breaking their arms out and stopped liking it around 3-4 months

We stopped when my kids were 4 months or so, when they started wanting to stretch out to sleep

My kids stopped wanting to bed in a swaddle around 3 months old

I bought my son the wearable blankets

My son is a month and we still swaddle him but we leave his arms out because they just end up out by the time he wakes up lol

They say to stop swaddleing when they can roll over because they could suffocate. That is if you include their arms in the swaddle. Some like to be swaddled with their arms out.

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We stopped at about 4 hrs old…my daughter would always get out of it. A nurse even swaddled her and said she was the best and no one ever escaped her swaddles. My daughter escaped in 5 minutes :flushed:.


About 4 months then they had a sleep sack

I stopped swaddling the first month with my son, the first week with my daughter. Neither minded at all. Both liked to sleep in the swing and needed to be buckled in so swaddle I couldn’t.

My first I believe I only swaddled him for about 1-2 months and my second two were not big on swaddling at all

I never swaddled my babies… they hated it and no matter how tight it was they always came out of it

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I never swaddled. Even in the hospital, when they wrapped my kids up, I immediately unwrapped them, in front of the nurses, explaining I wanted them to be able to move freely.

My kids hated it… so there was never a process.