What age did your child start smelling?

What age did your son start getting stinky pits?


7 and deodorant since then.

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Girls get stinky too and 9 to 11

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My daughter has been wearing deodorant since 7. Every child is different.

Mom of 3 grown boys here. At around 11 they start to stink. For about 2 years my house smelled like stinky boy and Axe body spray. Good Luck

One was 9 the other was ten

My daughter is 11 and she started around 10.

8ish. Really depends on the kid.

When ever they are ready the important thing.is advice cleanliness soap and water then antiperspirant.

My son is 8 and has started wearing deodorant.

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Depends when they hit puberty. My son started at 9

Now! :woozy_face: He’s 9 going on 10.

My youngest daughter at 6. But, I noticed when she drank milk, her odor was stronger.


My son started needing deodorant at 8

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Started around 8ish. My daughter started around 9, closer to 10

My kiddo was about 9. Make sure he showers daily with deodorant AM and PM.

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My son is turning 10 in 2 months and has noticeably gotten stinky within the last 6 months

My son is only 6. He has bad b-o and stinky feet.


I started all mine boys and girl about 8

My boy is 6 and I’ve noticed he is starting to smell musty after a long day of playing