What age did your child start smelling?

My son just recently shy before his 6 bday I noticed he started having stinky arm pits. And we bathe everyday. Bc he sweats a lot too

Mine is smelling like something fierce these days! He’s 12,13 in June. He started using deodorant around 10. My daughter was a bit younger then 10.

All kids are different. My older two boys started maybe a couple years ago, so age 8-9. Unfortunately my youngest son started last summer when he was only 4 and turned five this past dec.

My son start using deodorant at age 10 now he’s going through puberty he’s 12 so now he really needs it lol… and he started getting acne on his forehead

I started to really notice it on my son around 10

My son started wearing deodorant at 8

My son is 8 and is meticulous with his showering.

My child started smelling only when she got super sweaty around 7 and at 9 she smelled daily and needed to start using deodorant.

:pensive: my son is 7 and is in need of some deodorant…

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My daughter was almost 6…we had to get a bone age test and turns out she was maturing faster than she is suppose to and now she goes to an endocrinologist to keep an eye on everything.

My 5 year old smells bad we have to make sure she puts deodorant on every day and she bathes everyday

Around 12-13 when they go outside they smell like outside

My daughter started around 8

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My daughter at 4, four! Doctor says it’s not out of the ordinary.

My son around 10 bit has been wearing deodorant since 8 to get him in a habit. He is 12 now and hitting puberty…definitely needs it and alot more showers!

12 year old still doesn’t smell.

My 10 year old sweats a lot but he doesn’t really have a body odour though. Even though i got him used to wearing deodorant. I just think that it’s good to get into the habit of having good hygiene.

My son was about 4 with the underarms my daughter is 6 and no b/o yet

Mine started around 8 or 9

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my daughter was 4 now we use roll on deodrant xx