What age did your child start smelling?

My daughter is 8 and she gets stinky pits sometimes.


Just noticed my 3 year old sons pits were stinky. Will be seeing pediatrician because it can be caused by a parasite or something like that at a young age.


Daughter is 9 and has been using deodorant for about A year just to get in the habit. She doesn’t smell yet though.


Can’t remember on my oldest but my middle is 2 and he wears deodorant he’s always been a sweater, and my youngest she’s 3m and baths daily because she stinks from sweat 🤷 and the whole feet thing is a whole different subject I think they all came out with horrible stinky feet.


No two children develop the body chemicals and hormones at the same age. I’ve had one not need it til after 16-17 and another need deodorant and more diligent showering at six. It all depends on the child.


Hard to say out of the 10 kids they all started at different ages. My youngest son had BO by age 5 and sweats oil (didn’t know that was a thing) oldest son didn’t really smell until about age 13, one of my 28yo sons started to clear a room with his BO by age 11 the other 28yo son was 13 before he really needed deodorant my 25 yo was such a germophobe that he never smelled(up to 6 showers a day) my 24 yo son stared to smell at 12. The four girls between 12 and 15 (when they stopped showering every day.) My 17yo now takes 1-2 showers a day schedule depending working 36 hours a week and sr. In high-school.

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My 8 and 9 year old boys got deodorant in their stocking this year. They both are starting to get a little ripe. My oldest is really good about showering and using it. My youngest not so much and gets so stanky.


5th grade is usually when the schools here give them a hygiene kit. And at that age they think wearing deodorant is the best thing ever. It’s usually right on time too.


Mine is 8. And some days are worse than others. But holy cow them pits and feet can get rough!!!

Every child is different. My 8 year old daughter started stinking in the last 4-6 months. She uses deodorant/showers daily. My older daughter who will be 11 in April, didn’t start smelling/showering/using deodorant daily til the last 4-6 months.

My son is 11 and he started smelling last year…I have to make him wash his hands every couple of hours…his hands smell like butt!! I dont get it…?? And he doesnt care about his hygiene…I wish I could get him to care more about it


My son was about 9 when stinky pits started. :nauseated_face:

my daughter is 10 and God help her… she is q clean person and uses do religiously but sometimes it doesn’t help


6 years old. We were at a bouncy house party. My friends mom and I were talking about how a kid was smelling up the entire room where they were eating pizza and cake. It was my son. I called the pediatrician the next day. He told me to get deodorant without anti perspirant. He’s too young to wear anti perspirant. He’s been using it for 3 years.


My daughter was age 7 1/2 nearly when she started smelling… she has a roll on that she uses every day now so that she is in a routine with it just like we all do even when she doesn’t maybe need it as much but not taking any chances lol

I think 10 is a stinky age especially if they were active sports and ect

All 4 of my girls started smelling shortly after birth…especially with the #2…those babies could peel the paint off the walls and make the strongest stomach person gag and run. By age 6 my grandson has pit odor.

My daughter started at 11. She’s 13 now and I got her Lume deodorant and it works very well.

My son is 9 and has been wearing deodorant for about a year. He’s tall for his age and everyone thinks he’s older. But his twin brother is smaller and doesn’t really need the deodorant yet.

My son started at 9 and got him gentle deodorant. I believe it is Toms