What age did your child start smelling?

Right before Christmas my fiancé was playing with our twins wrestling around and when they were done my fiancé had this nasty look on his face and said they smelt like onions. They will be 9 in April.

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My son just turned 10 and he’s been wearing deodorant for about 2 years.

My son is 5 and smells like pickles lol


My oldest son is about to turn 11 and has started getting sweaty and slightly stinky pits about a week ago

My daughter started putting on deodorant around age 6. She gets sweaty super fast.

My son at 9 years old the smell of onions was terrible :nauseated_face:we tried kids deodorant,powder and nothing work now he use my husband’s Spray deodorant he’s 11 now and we got that under control my baby was coming home from school feeling uncomfortable in his own skin

My daughter is 8 and Oh goodness she’s got some stinky armpits and feet. She puts on deodorant before bed at night and in the morning. It helps a bunch.

My son’s were about 9. But good lord their FEEEEEET!! I have them put deodorant on their feet with gold bonds powder. One is 12 now and the other stinky feet one is 26.

So my daughter is sensitive to Lactose and is directly related to stinky pits. I made the connection when she was 4-5.

Honestly, my child was 9 months old. Even the doctors couldn’t belive it, I thought it was me all the time until I took a sniff at :hushed:

My son is 7 and he has strong BO uses deodorant/antiperspirant almost daily I started making him use it about a year and half ago but he uses it more regularlynoe. If he gets sweaty playing he will smell like a grown man.

Age 5 for my son. He sweats easily especially while sleeping.

My son is 8 and a half and he has had smelly pits for a few months now

My daughter around 8. Her pits will smell like onion :nauseated_face: if she doesn’t use deodorant :woman_facepalming:t2:

Mine was in Kindergarten so about 6…may have been 5


My son was 11 when he started getting the stinky armpits, but we finally found something to stop it.

My daughter was 9 when she started to stink

My son has had stinky pits since he was about 3. I’d use TOMS deodorant if we were going to a play place or somewhere he’d be sweating a lot :woman_shrugging:t3:

Every child is different but what’s up with girls using men’s deodorant ??? My step daughters pits smell super bad and I noticed her mom buys her men’s deodorant. Don’t know why lol

My daughter started smelling like onions around 7/8.