What age did your children start rolling over and teething?

my baby is six weeks old and is teething. Her doctor was kinda shocked. She said it’s not common but possible. Then she looked back in her chart and said shes above her learning curve. She has been rolling over for 4 weeks. How old were your babies when they started teething and rolling over?

Rolling over I don’t remember. But I know she was army crawling at 4 months, tummy off the floor crawling at 6 months and walking at 8 months lol And still no teeth but everything else she’s been advanced in

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My son roled over at 9 weeks. Cut teeth at 4 months.
I don’t remember when my daughter’s rolled over but they cut 2 teeth when they were 6 months old

My son was probably 9 or 10 months when he started teething. He slobbered like crazy. That’s when we knew another tooth was coming in. He wouldn’t have anything to do with teething rings. Can’t remember when he started rolling over, though. But we knew when a tooth came in.

All my kids teethed early they all had a full set of teeth by the time they was little over a year old