What age did your kids start doing chores?

What age did you start giving your kids actual chores? What were they? My kids are 2, 5 and 8 and I feel like I need to give them some responsibilities. Thanks!!!


My son is 7 and he puts the waters in the refrigerator and puts a new bag in the trash.

Mine are 17 14 12 10 and 8 and they all have chores littlest started at 4 putting laundry away and helping put laundry in the washer

My son is 6 and his chores are simple. Taking the trash from the bathrooms gathering all the dirty clothes and putting in a basket. He can strip the bedding off all the beds when it’s laundry day for beds. Making his own bed putting away his own clothes. He wanting to start doing dishes. Just waiting till he gets a little bigger for that!

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3 and 5 very small chores to start

Since they could walk (18-24 months)- literally all my kids started with putting their laundry away. “Open this drawer” and I tap it and then I’d hand them a small pile of their clothes “put your clothes in here” and tap the drawer. Then give tons of praise for being a big boy/girl helper and ask them to shut that drawer and open the next.


All 9 of my kids ages 14,12,11,10,9,7,6,3 and 2 have chores. My youngest started as soon as they could walk by picking up their toys, throwing away their diapers.

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Mine oldest started at 3, pick up ur room, now shes 8 and cleans the litter box, folds clothes, cleans room, cleans after self

I dont give my 4 year old specific chores as such she just loves helping thankfully. Hoping she stays like this lol. She will do dishes, strip her bed, tidy and Hoover her room, feed the dog, help us take recycling out, put her underwear and socks away, tidy the living room with us and anything we ask for her help with x

Son is 3- he doesn’t have designated chores but he helps out when asked. Setting and clearing the table, gathering laundry, throwing baby brothers diapers away, getting items that mom and dad need, etc. He’s a good helper :+1:t2:

My 9 year old does chores but my 6 And 4 year old don’t.

I had mine cleaning their own rooms or messes around 2. By 4ish, tidying up shoes by the door. By 6ish, bussing dinner table, cleaning up after, sweeping. By 10ish, dishes except fragile glass and knives. 10 also starts doing own laundry. I have 5 now, so I hardly have to do much anymore, trying to make them functioning members of society.

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Daughter is 16 and in charge of the kitchen she started helping when she was 8. Now she helps make dinner (side dishes)

Son is 14. Cleans the living room, takes out the trash in the bathroom and kitchen, cat litter, takes figs off yard. Started when he was also 7/8.

Baby is 4. Still working with her putting her clothes and toys away.

Our 3 year old helps out around the house. She helps with her laundry, she feeds our cat, waters plants, helps with her dishes (plastic), and obviously she has to put her toys away. Anything I can make fun, she does.

The youngest in my house is 4 - her favorite chores are scrubbing toilets and mopping floors :laughing:

My two-year-old will often do his own laundry by throwing the clothes in the dryer or washing machine, he also helps empty the dishwasher, picks up his own toys & feeds the dog. All with assistance/supervision

My kids are 6, 5,& 3 they have been helping since they could walk they pick up toys throw stuff away make their beds clean off and set table they take turns helping feed and water animals they also fight over who gets to help vacuum and mop and they put their clothes away

My oldest is 5 and just helps me around the house taking out trash doing laundry and feeding the animals

My son is two, he helps with feeding the chickens and the dog. He also helps me to take the rubbish out. He takes his plate out to the kitchen when he has finished eating and will help with the washing, will help put the clothes into the machine and knows which buttons to press to turn it on.

My youngest is 14 months and he knows how to throw his own plate in the trash and put his clothes in the hamper. He also somewhat knows where shoes go. Same for my 3 yo. He throws away diapers/pull ups and cleans up his play room. Lucky for us he likes to stand on his stool and rinse dishes so we let him help with that as well.