What age did your LO give up their daytime nap?

At what age did your little ones give up their daytime nap? My youngest, who will be 2yrs in January, has one nap for no longer than an hour mid morning / early afternoon. He falls asleep on my shoulder, and when I take him up to the bed, he screams for me for about 15 / 20mins. And recently, he’s been wakening up during the night screaming again for about 15 / 20mins. I’m beginning to wonder, is it time to give up his daytime nap? Any help welcomed, one worn down mama here

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My daughter started not napping around 1 and 1/2

Not till 5. Prek and kinder still Takes naps at school. So my girls had to rest quietly in bed for 1 hour mid day each day. They could have a book, softy or quiet toy.

Maybe cut down to one day time nap

My daughter stopped napping at 2. Also the waking up in the night maybe some sleep regression

Hold him off with activities til early-mid afternoon. After lunch is good. Tummy full. Lots of playing accomplished. THEN let him fall asleep.

My daughter napped until 5 and a half years old

My daughter refused naps after 12 months. My son is almost 2 and still naps. My best friend’s son is 4 and still naps. Depends on the kid, really.

My eldest was at 1.5 yo and my youngest is 21 months and still loves naps

Both kids stopped a little after a year old

My twins stopped at 1 :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

My daughter stopped naps a little before age 2. She still takes them occasionally, but without the nap, she falls asleep quickly at night and stays asleep. We also will do quiet time. I put her in her bed with a few books and her choice of a few toys, and explain it’s quiet time. She’ll play with her books and toys for the hour, or she will end up falling asleep. She is 2.5 now.

Around the age of 2 started dropping all naps. Due to waking up cranky and not going to bed till late in the night. All his own doing. Much better without naps now.

My son about two, my daughter about three

Both my girls stopped around 3 years old. When my 3 yo doeant take a napnshe usually falls asleep around 7pm.

My 3yr old still takes a daytime nap for about 1hr or so

Mines 3 and rarely naps unless he wakes up super early

My daughter just turned one and we’re lucky if she takes a nap for over an hour, if at all

My son just recently dropped his (at least) hour long afternoon nap at 4.5 years old. He fought going to sleep here and there until recently. I also found that he’d sleep poorly during growth spurts. Hope this helps.

My daughter stopped around 18 months, I left her father around that time and she had a lot of separation anxiety. She’s 3 now and takes a nap on the rare occasion but it’s mostly in the car