What age do you take your daughter to the OB?

At what age do you take your daughter to the OB for the first time? Clueless mom


When she starts her period, is thinking about becoming sexually active or turns 16. Whatever comes first!

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Well paps aren’t recommended till 21 so idk. Idk why you’d need to see a gynecologist just bc she starts a period. if she becomes sexually active
I’d take her for std screenings and if she wants birth control…


First period, or when she becomes or plans to be sexually active so she can get on birth control…
Orrrr if there’s something bothering her/wrong in the lady bit department.

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I had to for irregular periods. They will not do a pap till 18.

When they become sexually active unless periods are irrigular.

Paps aren’t recommended until sexually active. If it has to do with birth control talk to her regular doctor

OB is for pregnancy. GYN is for the overall reproductive system of a girl/woman. I would recommend starting when she starts her period. Open that door so she’s comfortable talking about those things when she decides to have sex or hits her first issue.


My daughter just turned 13 and I asked her pediatrician this at her last visit. Pap smears don’t start until 21 now so unless birth control is needed etc. there’s no need to go.
My daughter started her period in December and her pediatrician said there’s no need for her to be seen unless there’s an issue


Unless she is trying to become sexually active you should take her. But not need after she starts her period.

I thought they couldn’t do paps til they were sexually active or 21. I wouldn’t take her unless she is sexually active or is thinking about birth control. I never went to an ob or gynecologist til I was pregnant lol and I was 19 then, had been sexually active for a couple years.

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Idk when I was a kid we got paps when we started bleeding. My reg Dr did them until I was 18.

15…My mom took all her daughters & I took mine @ 15… to get put on birth control…regardless if they say they are sexually active or not… better safe


Id let my daughter be open n free with GP in witch asking qustions when i think hormones are setting in before shit hits the fan i no she can always come to me but in laymans termes mabey not always what i make of situations or my choice of words will be what she needs to hear id be honest n open but not sientiffic :flushed: the truth never hurt anybody im dreading this day but so prepared. :heart:

When they start their period

After her first period ifnit is irregular or painful beyond normal range , once she becomes sexual active for birth control & std screenings then once a year afte that for her annual

Lol 6 weeks after birth


It depends on the kid.

If your daughter is sexually active and needs to be seen by a gynecologist for birth control then take her in but otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much for it because they will not do a wellness exam until 21. I work in a Women’s Health office


From a younger point of view. I’m 19 and just recently started seeing an ob because I’m pregnant. I do wish my mother had taken me sooner though. Even if she’s not sexually active birth control is also used to regulate a period.