What age do you think it's appropriate for girls to get their nails done?

What age do you ladies think is appropriate for a young girl to get their nails done? My daughter is 7 (almost 8 ) years old and loves to put on the glue on little girl nails, which fall off the same day. I was considering taking her to the nail salon for her 8th birthday and getting her a set, but still, feel like it could be too young. I wouldn’t let her get them long, or too crazy, but a simple, short, calm style, would still make her happy. What age did you mama’s let your girls get their first set at?


I started taking my daughter with me when she was 2.5. I get a manicure and she gets her nails and toes painted and loves it!

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My daugther frist time was before her 3 bday

I would just do a manicure and pedicure no fake nails until she’s older…like high school


You could do a gel manicure

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I would say get them painted… a set is a lot for a child and can cause damage to her nails! Just a thought to try a mani first!

when she can pay for them Those things are Horrible for your nails Get a regular mani pedi and skip the fake nails Shes a KID

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Manicure with dip/gel

Fake nails are sooooooooooo horrible for your real nails. I would never get her a set of fake nails. But I would totally get her a manicure and possibly a pedicure as well. That would be such a fun day for both of you.

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My mom has done nails basically her whole life.
She wouldn’t let me get them untill I was like 13/14 for a lot of different reasons.
If your going to do anything, do shellac. She’s to young for acrylic.

I was just get her a manicure with bio gel on natural nail it will last a long time and won’t damage the nails

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Much too young. .vroeg ryp…vroeg vrot.

Not acrylics. It will ruin her nails. Just get them painted

I’ve allowed my daughter to get a gel manicure at the age of 2. But I think a full gel/acrylic set (tips) at 8 is to young in my opinion.

Just nails painted anytime. But using nail glue and acrylic is damaging to real nails.

I would teach her to care for the mail she has. Simple trimming/filling, good nutrition, and plenty of water will allow her to naturally grow pretty nails. Then nail polish will look extra beautiful on them. Way better then artificial nails.

My daughter got hers done once at 3

Just do a regular manicure with gel polish. Avoid doing acrylics until she is older. I was 15 when I got acrylic nails the 1st time.

Do a gel manicure. Too young for fake and will last longer than just polish

at that age, no. get her a manicure with polish. Fake nails, gels, acrylics ruin the nail bed, and there’s no way I would do it again even for myself. When she can pay for it, she can get her own fake nails. Sorry, not sorry. I’d be hella pissed if my mom would have even allowed me to use this mess