What age do you think it's okay to give your child gum?

At what age do you think it’s okay to give your kids gum? My daughter is 4 and keeps begging me to have some but I’m so worried it’s going to get all tangled up and I’m going to have to cut her beautiful hair. I’m also worried that she might swallow it, which wouldn’t be the worst , but also her brother who is 3 will want some if he see’s her have some. What are your thoughts?


I started my sons with gum at four. I explained the rules. Watched them for a bit then gave some freedom. We’ve had a few mishaps but it’s a learning process.

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My daughter is 3 and she chews gum just fine

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Honestly I think mine were in elementary school before they tried it. I. Ever bought gum or chewed it

My 3 yr old chewed half a piece sometimes and was fine and my 4 yr old chews regularly, she can blow a bubble!

My son started getting gum when he was around 2.5. He seen daddy with it and had to have it. So far the only horror stories I have is he left a chewed piece in the cup holder of his car seat, but it came out pretty easily since it was gooey, and he fell asleep with a piece in his mouth and it stuck to a stuffed animal. But that was my fault for not reminding him to spit it out. He’ll be 4 next week and those are the only incidents we’ve had.

Start slow…it can go from zero to gum in the hair real quick :woman_facepalming:

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Never…I hate the stuff

My son is 6 and I still don’t do gum :tipping_hand_woman:t2: lol

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My youngest is 8 (of 5 kids) and I’m still against gum. My ex MIL gives it to them all the time since they were like 3. I have rules about it… I just tell them they have to keep it outside and put it in the trash when they’re done. When they were younger I talked to my pediatrician about swallowing it and health concerns. She assured me it would be fine as long as it wasn’t frequently. Our dentist said to only allow them to use sugar free gum…but they’re a dentist so they’re always going to say no sugar. If they get it in the hair, olive oil works amazing but you can try keeping the hair in a bun until they have the rules down.

My 5 year old thinks gum is great but she’s not allowed any. Too many possible risks involved including choking

My kids are 3 and 5 and do fine…I just try not to give it to them in the car or house. If they are outside playing is mainly when they get it. If it happens to get in their hair, I have heard melted butter or honey makes it come right out.

I started at 4 or 5. And because he understood trash cans I never had a problem with him making a mess. Once it lost flavor he tossed it in the trash. But I’m lucky, my son has been an easy kid, even when he was a baby.

Pack of gum 1 dollar dental problems hundreds


Gifted gum to my daughter for her 5th bday. No instances of gum-hair (yet!) but it has fallen out of her mouth once or twice… she’ll be 8 this month.

mine waa 4 first time but she kept swallowing it so i stopped and said no more

What possible good would it do them. To much sugar, or sugarless, chemicals.

My kids started getting it around 2ish. First time was Halloween candy! They all do fine. Only had gum in hair once, but that was big brother laughing and it dropped outta his mouth onto his sisters hair. Not exactly her fault lol.

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I let my son the later end of 3. He’s gotten it in his eyebrow once, but it wasn’t too hard to get out. Lol. He’s 4 now. No problems.

My kids were around 2-3, I let them use Trident and I taught them how to chew it and throw it in the garbage when done. If I did not have Trident I used 1/3 of a piece of stick gum such as Doublemint. The first several times they had it I had them sit at the table coloring while they were chewing it. I would ask if the gum still tastes good, if they said no I had them spit it into the garbage. I think there was only about 2 or 3 gum incidents each child. Gum in the hair comes out with peanut butter by the way, ice also helps it come out of some things.

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