What age does a child have a right to decide if they want to see the other parent?

Can anyone tell me in Canada as to what age a child has a say in whether or not they want to see the other parent? My child is 10an their parent has been a show up when ya feel like it type, and now is completely absent for well over a year. In case they were to ever try anything as in seeking visits. Can I file for abandonment, or can my child have a say in whether or not to visit the other household? My child has had severe anxiety with their other parent, as they were not treated the best by them. This last while, my child has been doing amazing, and I can see such a difference with their anxiety being completely calm. A going.

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But if you have cause for the child not to go…you could take the parent to court (but that’s costly) and get a children’s lawyer referral.
But I’m no professional so please don’t quote me

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In Texas, children who are at least 12 years of age can have a say in where they will live, but a judge does not have to follow the child’s wishes.

I would focus more on the lack of involvement. He hasn’t seen the child in over a year

My boys 11-13 refuse to see their dad I just told the court that they won’t go see him that he need to build a relationship with them first
If you feel they are in danger ( abandonment ) you do not have to send them as of safety for your children

I cannot speak for Canada but it has been my experience in the US that a judge will at least hear a child out in these types of cases. It’s worth a shot.

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I was 12 when I decided I didn’t want to see my dad anymore. He was very verbally abusive to me. My mom left it all up to me and didn’t say her opinion at all, which I appreciated. I live in the US also, I’m not sure how it works in Canada.

If they can ask, they should be allowed to.

Usually not until 13-14. At 10 they will not let them decide

You really need to discuss this with a lawyer.

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Unfortunately you have to look up laws . Over here in the us if dad is on the birth certificate or your married you can’t you have to go through a lawyer and court. But I would document document document that’s gonna be the best thing you have I’m currently going through the same

At any age they should be allowed to see their other parent unless it’s court ordered but if your child is doing well being seperated from the other parent then I wouldnt force that relationship until the child is ready.

I say any child know if they wanna see that person never force your child to see someone they don’t wanna sse

10 should be old enough to decide