What Age Is Appropriate For My Daughter To Where a Bra?

At what age did your daughter start wearing a bra? My daughter is eight, and my mom pointed out to me that she should really be wearing a bra because most people would find it inappropriate. I was shocked, actually

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for most it’s not really age that determines that…in my opinion

Both my daughters started wearing one at about 8 they started getting knots

I think when you notice that she may need one is when, plus you xan start her off in Training bras

She may just need a crop top for now just for modesty sake… Unfortunately girls develop alot younger these days. My daughter had her fiyo bra at 9 she’s been wearing them for over a year now.

My older daughters needed them at ages 10 and 11, but my 6 year wears one also just because she thinks she is suppose to since the rest of us do! I started the girls on training/sports bras when they started developing little buds on their chests.

Our 7 year old wears training bras. Whenever they start to develop is when you should start the transition.

I personally started wearing a bra my self at 9 years of age also started my period at 9 years and 2 months, the growth hormones that are put in food cause body’s (girls and boys) to develop faster and more rapid then they use to back in the 1800’s or in even the last 60 years, so personally when ever she feels ready for one is when she should have one but also once they start to develop is when I would get her one. :slight_smile::heart: