What age should a child attend a funeral?

what age they think would be appropriate for a child to attend a funeral?


Who’s funeral is it? I think my first funeral I went too, is when I was about 7-8 years old.

Death is a part of life. I say all children are old enough to attend a funeral.


It’s never not appropriate.


my kids have gone since birth


First funeral I went to was my great grandfather at maybe 7 or younger. I remember he was cremated and then putting the urn in the hole and closing the door over it but was never traumatized

I think it should be based on the child’s choice and opinion… obviously when they’re just born they can’t really make a decision but overall I think it should be up to them when they feel comfortable in going


My daughter went when she was four but was quiet and understood to a point I asked her if she wanted to go it was her uncle I think it depends on the child

I started at 4 when my father died. I didnt understand what was happening. But in my opinion. Its a part of life. Start them early. :pray:

I think it’s your choice only you know your child and how they will respond

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Your child…your choice…common sense…

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I was 5-6 years old that I remember going … I mean if your child is old enough to talk and understand I think it’s a good time to explain what happens in a way they understand

My family has always brought their children regardless of age

Any age. Death is a part of life. Teach them to not fear it.


I think it depends on the child, do they understand death? Is the funeral for someone they are very close to? There are many factors that come into play here… Its ultimately parents choice if they think their child is ready to attend.


Any age its important they know the truth and shouldnt be kept from them …

It’s up to you.

I’ve attended funerals at a young age.

My children however do not attend funerals with me, unless its family members.

My daughter was maybe a month old her first funeral. Then when she was 2 was her next one. She is 3 now and understands death and that it’s something that happens to everyone. Sadly my 3 year old has been to more funerals than birthday parties

I’ve lost both my parents, two of my uncles, and both my husbands grandparents all in the short 4 years my son has been alive. I bring him to any funeral I go to. Death is a part of life.

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Took my 7 year old son to his father’s back in August of this year. ONLY because I thought he should be apart of it and didn’t want my son asking me questions when hes older or having hate in his heart and asking me why I never took him! Never expected his dad to leave as soon as he did but he did. Now my son will forever have an angel along with our grandmother we lost in January of 2018! :heart:

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