What age should kids be left home alone?

My neighbor across the hall from me has a nine-year-old who is left home alone all night on weekdays while dad is gone working the night shift. I find it incredibly sad, and I do worry that nine is too young. This same child was out trick or treating last night, alone! Offered for him to tag along with me, my hubby, and our two kids, but he said no. (Not my child I can’t tell him he has to). My oldest is just eight, and I can hardly stand to leave him inside the house alone while I’m outside in the yard (very irresponsible age). Also, add… this same child is obviously school-aged and is up past midnight while dad is gone. We’ve had smoke alarms go off in our building from him.


9 seems to young! Especially overnight

Maybe the father has no other choice?
He’s working, not partying…


That’s too young. Poor little guy. That’s so sad. Maybe try to talk to the dad and see if you can help out in some way to ensure his safety.


Any info where mom is? That’s tough

It really depends on the child.


I was 10 when I was left home alone. You could go over there and say hey, if he wants to come hang out at our house until you get home he is more than welcome to. Keep in mind, they may not have family or anyone to keep an eye on him.


Yeah maybe he is a single dad with no choice and that’s all they have. Maybe be thankful you can keep an eye on him from time to time. :cry:


some states don’t list an age but 9 is too young to be left alone all night. Im not a big one on calling CPS but in that case I think Imight hoping it lights a fire under the dads butt to have someone stay with the child at night


Personally I think its too young. Especially to be left all night period and to top it off every week night. Check the Laws in your State they all vary state to state…

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That’s to young. Most states have laws that specify how old a child must be before they are allowed to be left alone.


Honestly I have 11 year old twins and a 9 year old and I don’t feel they are old enough to stay alone

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I stayed home by myself at that age. He is fine.


Personally I feel it’s to young. But also depending on how mature he is maybe it’s ok? If your concerned you could definitely call CPS or police to do a child welfare check


Offer help. Just don’t interfere unless you know the whole story


Offer to babysit if you’re concerned.


Can u have a conversation woth dad and see whats up

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Home alone over night, no in my opinion. Trick or treating seems fine to me if I knew where he was and it was a reasonable hour.

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Sounds like a single dad trying his best, I’d offer help but leave CPS out of it!


Maybe introduce yourself to dad & see if there as anything you can do to help