What age was your baby diagnosed with autism?

What age was your baby diagnosed with autism?


What were some signs? Im waiting to see the doc for my son but wondering if its autism or maybe just add.

5 months after his 2nd bday. Knew at 14 months ish

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Where there signs early on ?

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My son was diagnosed at 2 and my daughter was diagnosed at 5. Their psychologist said it’s harder to determine if girls have autism so it may take longer to get a diagnosis for them.

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My son was 2 almost 3

My daughter is 4 still trying to get her diagnosed
her dr doesn’t believe me. Because she’s a girl and is still young

8-9 ish. He has Asperger’s.

My nephew 2.5 general Autism NOS… then a real diagnosis around age 8…

4.5 my daughter has high functioning autism.

My son was 9 years old. Level 1 (Aspergers).

when he was 4 years old i think. my grandson.

My son was just shy of his 3rd birthday.

My daughter was 2 1/2- 3 yrs old.

My son was 14. He was originally diagnosed with OCD and severe anxiety.

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I have a son who was diagnosed with adhd and odd… I see signs of autism but cant get anyone to reevaluate him…

10 was diagnosed as ADHD possible odd first

10!!! They kept telling me it was ADHD or behavioural issues but then we took my son to a leading expert who said autism after 30 minutes observation. :disappointed:

  1. He’s almost 12 now with nonverbal autism

After Vaccinations :syringe:

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