What age would you allow your daughter to dye her hair?

At what age would you allow your daughter to get her hair dyed? She is seven and a half and has pretty dark hair and wants it to be blonde-ish. Also, she’s wanted pink in it before, which we have tried, but it’s too dark to show, So bleaching some of it would help with that as well


Mine was 10 did the pink look aid and had to have it professionally taken out she is now 12 and finally has her hair back to it normal. So whatever you both decide it’s hair and grows back.

I think 7 is way to young. :woman_shrugging:t2:


14 freshman in high school. She has a gray patch like her dad on the right side of her head and was really self conscious about it.

My daughter started asking at 3 and I decided what the why not when she was 5 and I confirmed it was not in violation of dress code and let her have purple hair

You can find dyes without harsh chemicals. Like manic panic. No chemical smell, washes out. I wouldn’t bleach just yet.

Teen. No younger than that. It looks trashy. I get teens do it bc 5gey are teens. But anyone else looks ridiculous.


Mine will be 10 in January. I won’t let her do anything semi or permanent to herself til she’s a teen. No ear piercings no hair dye other than that spray on stuff at Halloween lol. I have tons of piercings and tattoos but I also had to wait til I was a teen.


It’s not the easiest/healthiest thing to do for young hair… a good compromise may be to have a piece of her hair lightened and she can experiment with fun color that way.

I allowed it at nine, after it was wanted for about a year, wanted to be sure it wasn’t just a phase, something she would regret after a week. She loved it…and still requests it when we have the money to get it professionally done.

A small section of hair won’t hurt. Just keep it off the scalp. Perhaps her ends so u can trim it off when you’re ready

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My daughter was 8 and she is 11 now and does it on her own. She’s allowed to express herself with fun hair.

I think that is too young… I just find if they start doing things like this too young what will they do in their teens??


I’m the wrong one to ask lol I didn’t dye my hair until age 40 lol

Get her some hair wax! Color is temporary, and she can play around and mix/match without any commitment or real damage.


Mine is six and we tried this year. We did the temporary stuff but it wouldn’t hold and I won’t bleach mine so I won’t bleach hers. I feel like this pandemic really changed a lot of rules too. She also got her first cell phone (no service) this year when previously I had said definitely not.

My daughter has dark hair she used koolaid to dye it it gave her an little color

I was 13 or so when I got highlights.

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I take my daughter to the salon for coloring. I try to teach her to always take care of her soul…and to spend the money on herself without feeling ashamed. They can pull her color out with products that are gentler than store products. My daughter only got peekaboo highlights the first few times so she could get used to the process and sitting in the chair. And to learn how to care for the color. Her first all over color was her a color pull and teal…and a whole chunk of her hair wouldn’t take the color. Went back over next day with mermaid green.

I have a son so its a little different when it comes to hair but I’ve always let him decide how he wants it since he was old enough to think about his hair because kids really have no control over anything in their lives so I figured I’d let him have that since its just hair and it grows back. He’s 12 now but so far he’s had green hair, blue hair, peacock colors and design, really long hair, shaved head, etc.

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