What are cute ways I can announce my pregnancy on Christmas?

I just found out I was pregnant after trying for years. I am so happy and want to tell my family on Christmas. What is a cute ideas?


Wrap a present to grandma and write a cute poem and thats her Christmas gift

Ornament!! That’s what I did when I got pregnant with my first son.

If your giving gifts give each one a pin under!!

There’s so many cute ideas,check out Pinterest and there maybe something that suits your personality.

This was ours a couple years back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


please don’t visit your family on Christmas. Especially being pregnant


Congrats! Maybe christmas shirts that say Grandpa, Grandma, etc… or something like that


Instead of normal gifts maybe baby outfits(neutral colors for now). You could go to YouTube and find pregnancy announcement videos to get more ideas


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I made a family tree to announce my daughter at Christmas

Last year i made a box with my grandpa’s favorite candy/word searches etc & at the bottom was a card and santa onesie. The others had cards that were vague until they opened it

write the same message in each cracker and tell them all to pull them at same time


I put a tiny stocking in one of those cute tins that look like a present box, with a note that said Due July 2019 and gave it to my parents. My mom still keeps it on a shelf in her living room.


Take a picture in front of the xmas tree with a red bow on your stomach :innocent:

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I made a video about a trip I took with my husband, which ended in me telling him I’m pregnant. Then I played it for my family, who thought it was just a video about our trip, but they got the same surprise at the end as my husband did. They were shocked. For my husband’s family, I told them by getting them a tee-shirt that said their name and the number of grandkids they had, but it was +1. They had to do the math before they figured it out. lol :woman_facepalming:t3:


Mabey some Christmas boxes containing different baby items given to your family as Christmas presents

Gift people a photo album with ultrasound images, or have photo coffee cups with the due date printed on them.

A baby stocking by the regular stockings.