What are early pregnancy symptoms?

Okay I am a mother of a five year old little boy. I have had three miscarriages. I am wondering, I was late 9 days then I started to spot and then kind pee blood. But it wasnt really pee. Could I be pregnant or is this another miscarriage. Very scared mommy


I’d go to the Drs to be safe, but sending good thoughts your way

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Went to doctor waiting on test. Thank you.

Go to doctor… I’ve had several miscarriages… I know it makes you so scared and so anxious. When overwhelmed I simply lay down and get some rest… it reduces the anxiety

Ive had a bunch of miscarriages. If u have a concern, go to a doctor. Waiting for a fb comment means waiting longer to find out whats going on. In some situations, every moment counts. Hope its just a weird period.