What are early pregnancy symptoms?

Good evening mamas!

So me and my boyfriend have been a little sloppy here recently. We use condoms half the time, and then use the pull out method the other half. Not the greatest idea when we arent currently trying for another little one (our daughter just turned a year old).

Well, the pasr few days my breasts have been sore. Which I chalked up to my period coming early. Im still irregular after my daughter. Except today, its awful. They feel super heavy and they hurt SO BAD everywhere. Not even just to the touch, but in general as well. Ive done some research and all I can find is that sore breasts are a sign of both PMS and Pregnancy. But I couldnt find anything that gave any differences between the pain.

With my first two pregnancies (one was a miscarriage), I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks along. So I plan on taking a pregnancy test within the next few days if the pain doesnt ease up any. But I wanted your thoughts.

Do you think the pain is from PMS or pregnancy?


Well anytime you have sex, theres a chance of pregnancy?!


Only one way to find out: take a test


it could be either one. no way to know til you take a pregnancy test.

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My breast hurt so bad in the beginning of my 3 pregnancies

There’s no difference in the pain. Its either or. Have fun with that

My breasts didnt get sore til about 3 months or so pregnant. But around that time of the month it’s usually a few days before and then stops right before I have my period.


That was the first sign I had for all of my pregnancies. Mine get sore before my period but the pain is nothing compared to when I was pregnant. That pain was so much worse.


My breast are like that before my period it’s the worst.

Withdraw when done right, not sloppy is about 96% effective. Make sure he goes pee in between rounds, and doesn’t pull out as he’s finishing, but pulls out then finishes.

If you don’t wanna go on birth control I suggest learning fertility awareness (symtho thermal method) so you can know when your fertile and ovulating, do NOT trust apps that “predict” ovulation. They are using rythm which is unreliable


It’s probably just because it’s supposed to rain or something :woman_shrugging:


Pregnant lol. Mine were so sore they even hurt when I was driving… it was at that moment I knew…lol

My breast began to hurt and leak with all three of my pregnancies. And I found out at 4-5 weeks each time.

…uuuummmmmmmm…You know how NOT to become pregnant. You did not do that.


At 3 weeks and 5 days I found out I was pregnant and the very first sign of pregnancy I had was sore breasts and vomiting! I have tender breasts during my periods but not sore! There’s really a difference in them with being pregnant or on your period!

Since you’ve been having unprotected sex, I’d say you’re probably pregnant.
If they’ve never hurt like this before your period before, there’s no real reason for that to suddenly start happening.

Take a test, you’ve got a 50:50 chance.


Mine hurt like that they was so sore and sensitive for a week (with my first) I took a test the day my period was suppose to start and got a positive. Went to the dr. A couple days later and I was only 3week along .
Could be either or take a test is really the only way to know .


You know your body, if your breasts hurt before your period than ya- but if your breasts just randomly hurt for not reason your probably pregnant

My first was conceived by pulling out

If you drink a lot of caffeine it will also cause that exspecially before you start monthly

Could be from either. Go take a test and you’ll get your answer :woman_shrugging: