What are good shoes for kids that like to skate?

Moms of skater boys… Whats a good shoe for skateboarding and scooters … And what is the name of the long socks i guess that’s a style now for the boys ?? I want to get some stuff for him for christmas


Osiris, etnies, DC’s, Van’s.


All the skaters I know wore vans :woman_shrugging:t2:


My kid always wore Vans

Vans and they are called crew socks I believe

I always wore converse :woman_shrugging:t3:

DC’s, Van’s, converse, etines. Ask your kid they probly know exactly what they would like to have.

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My dsughter…14 wears her converse or DCs

I always wore Circa or Emerica they lasted pretty good and they werent what EVVVVVVERYone at school had (vans, etnies, globe, DC, shortys, osiris)
I love lrg tho :heart: would recommend them to skaters and non skaters
Ipath makes some pretty cool shoes.
Go to the different company’s websites :wink: soooo many selections

Back in the day it was always Vans and low Converses and I see them worn still today by most skater kids

My son was a scooter/skateboard kid. He liked DC’s, Vans and the canvas Nike’s. He also preferred and still prefers the Nike Elite, or like socks. They are tall. He isn’t a fan of short socks. Whatever you get, just make sure the bottoms of the shoes are rubber. For some unknown reason some shoe makers use a felt-like material which is slippery. Any shoe will wear, especially if worn for street skating and scootering, so don’t spend and arm and a leg. I’m not sure about others, but my son and his friends often removed the brakes and used their shoes for more control, making the shoe wear a bit faster.

Neff or Stance for socks and Vans or Supras for shoes

Wow I should own DC by now!

Vans or convers I used those alot growing up

Go to a skateboard shop. Vans/freedom
Dvs were always good
Black Van’s or checkered are always a hit
look online way more things available there. Also Pacific sunwear Carrie’s the best skate trendy clothing.

Neff socks
Also u can find allot out in target and Walmart that would be done
I’ve found "Nintendo "
“Rockos modern life” “koolaid” long socks at Walmart and my bf loves them w his Van’s. Like 6dollars a pack.

Vans,DC, or canvas converse

Van’s and they have Van’s long socks

Make sure you get suede Vans not canvas. Canvas will be trashed in a day.

World Industry for sure! Loved those n they’re very durable!