What are some alternatives to cows milk?

One year checkup is Monday, and I’d like to ask about alternatives to cow’s milk and if there are not only more nutritional options but options with less sugar. what type of milk your LO drink and why?


I heard of a lot of mom’s using almond milk.

Some babies need the nutrients and extra fat that it provides. I would just ask your childs pediatrician and see if he let’s you choose an alternative which I’m sure he will. Just make.sure your child gets the proper nutrition throughout the day

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Fairlife. Half the sugar. More protein and lactose free!

Whole milk bc it’s healthy and not one obese bone in my children nor anyone in our family… WIC made me change to 2% when my oldest turned 2 and I said nope and left WIC. They were forcing me to switch without good reason based on my children.


… Unless your baby was in lactose free formula… Theres no need to switch from regular milk.


If my daughter is still allergic to dairy by the time she’s one, they want her on almond milk. Her Nutritionist said as long as she’s getting her other nutritients through food that it’ll be okay!

I gave mine hemp milk… amazingly good for you.


Lactose free and coconut milk. She didn’t like almond milk it’s too thick

I use almond milk for my baby, she’s a one year old, but i also wasnt too sure so i asked our doctor and the nurses when we went to her vaccinations

No one needs milk…espically from another species


Well you don’t need milk but we used unsweetened almond milk when my son wanted some. He loved it. Also healthier


I drink almond milk, I love the taste of it and I think it has more nutrients than cows milk, and it doesn’t give me the poos!

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Dairy is not needed.
We are not baby cows.
There are lots of alternatives: soy, rice, pea, coconut, oat, and almond milk are all delicious.
You should try each and see what works for you.
Once you switch away from dairy you will see how it’s not good for you. If I drink or eat it now I get the worst upset stomach.
Also, if you research the dairy industry it is unbelievably cruel.


Oat milk is very good!

When my oldest was younger he couldn’t have cows milk, so he drank goats milk. Now he is older and drinks lactose free milk.

Almond milk or organic soy… My kids are about 90% organic (due to family eating crap) I also breastfeed and try to live a holistic lifestyle and I’d like to believe I have incredibly healthy kiddos

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I used every kind of milk with my daughter almond coconut soya goats cows oat lactose free rice milk i even used hazelnut milk all after 12 months she never batted an eye lid :thinking:

I give my 12 month old oat and almond milk.
I just purchased everything to start making his oat milk…
It will be a lot cheaper…
Here 1/2 gallon of oat milk is $3.99 :weary:

I used unsweetened almond milk for my daughter when she was little , now she is 3 and we use a variety of almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk.