What are some creative ways I can teach my toddler the alphabet?

Creative ways to teach three-year-olds the alphabet? My nine-year-old is doing virtual schooling, and I felt that it was a perfect opportunity to teach my three-year-old the alphabet before she starts preschool next year. I wrote out the ABCs and 1-10 on index cards, bought a trace book and a pen control book to teach her with, what’s other creative ways to show her?


Get on pintrist for ideas!

while cutting finger/toe nails sing the abc’s. did it every time for each of my 3 kids. after a while when they were 1-3 it became a game

Dave and ava have a great song and also amazing app, where they can colour and trace the letters, my boy loves it, hes 2 next month!

The Alphabet song…Alphabet magnets on the fridge or bath tiles…


My native loves chicka chicka boom. It has all the letters climbing trees

Chalk boards, mine loved them

Phonics!!! Look up the zoo phonics songs. Sing them. Work on 2 letters a week. Do simple projects with household items for the week. :blush:

Just do very small things and don’t overload. :heart:

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Same as the numbers, work up to it and don’t just dump it out at once.

Maybe try one or two letters a week and a number. :slight_smile:

Definitely go on Pinterest for ideas for those! :heart:

I have alphabet shaped cookie cutters/stamps for play doh. We also have some flash cards with numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc. And use those to play go fish.

When my son was little we did alphabet snacks. Monday would be Apples and when they eat them a is for apple. B is for beans or whatever. Each day a different letter a different snack. It worked wonders. Each month we would start over with different foods following the alphabet. He learned his alphabet, and tried a lot of different foods. Also we had an alphabet puzzle, and did age appropriate writing books.

Shaving cream on table and trace the letters. Thats what i did. But to teach verbally it was just repeative when washing body when brushing teeth when washing hands. Etc one letter at a time when he can write one without you showing move on the the other. I did that too then when we had 5 down id have him write the five if he needed help we would practise this until he could do it with out reminders. Also letter games on tablets too! Bath crayons or paints.

I know a lot of people are very anti electronics when it comes to young children, but abcmouse helped so much. My daughter was reading at 3 because she played phonics games on the computer with me… and I do put on the occassional educational video for my 1.5 year old on YouTube and he’s picking up a lot from those already, including sign language. A little bit of screen time isn’t going to rot their brains and can be beneficial.

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Any thing with rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Keep it fun! Read to your child. Lots of kids books like Dr. Seuss, Bernstein Bears, etc. are great.

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When my daughter was about 18 months or so I got her a wooden alphabet puzzle that I we would play with at least once a day and I would make sure we would say each letter every time she would put them in the right slot in the puzzle, by the time she turned 2 she pretty much recognized every letter in the alphabet… repetitiveness was key for me when teaching her and using something fun like the puzzle made it more interesting for her to learn…

Leap frog! My kids loved it!

Salt tray. And turn the letters into animals. My daughter learned them in a week. Just look up alphabet animals. Helped so much

Starfall, puzzles, writing them and saying them, alphabet cards. So many ways. Oh leapfrog too.

Simply sing the song. Often. Kids love songs.

Montessori method letter sounds. Theres youtube videos and you can buy different activity things to do hands on.