What are some cute ways we can announce our new baby?

I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd and due in July. We have one boy and one girl already so we chose to not find out the gender of this baby. Because of Covid-19, it will be just me and my husband at the hospital. SO… I’m looking for some ideas on how to announce the gender to our other children/family and then also on social media… Ideas?


I would get him or her a hat and blanket made with the name beforehand and bring both with you to the hospital and then take a picture and send it out to everyone!

Poem: Roses are red, violets are blue. Babies are sweet and so are you. (Post picture of blue or pink baby shoes for gender reveal)

Seen people do sports theme, like a “tie breaker.”

We just had our surprise baby in September. I brought 2 different swaddle blankets. One for a girl and one for a boy. I took pictures of her in the baby bed in the right swaddle and had the letter board behind her with her name and stats.

A friend of mine did this, and then a family pic of them with the sign, wearing masks, sanitizer, lysol, etc


We had 2 girls and 2 boys when we announced our baby and we did a “tie breaker”.
We got pictures taken of the kids and the girls in one and the boys in another with chalk boards that said “the girls” and “the boys” then my husband and I got a picture with the chalk board that said “the tie breaker.” That’s actually how we told the kids we were having another baby too. We got their facial expressions in a picture and it was great.

We found out before the birth but we announced with a video of my girls shouting “we’re getting a baby brother!”

You could do a piñata for the kids and family to find out, just fill it with pink or blue colored goodies.

What about bringing pink or blue ink pads to hospital and do footprints to reveal? Our newest family member is a…

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I had two girls and made the choice not to find out till birth with my third… it ended up being a boy… but maybe video or baby pictures

Oooooh for the gender reveal at the birth I saw a tik tok where the took a video of 2 outfits, one girl one boy and then the next frame was the baby in the boy outfit with a board with all his info on it. I really loved the idea of it


Post a pic of a blueberry or a raspberry

Girls 1 and boys 1 then the middle says tie breaker arriving in january

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They make masks with just a letter on them have a letter on each mask and have them try to arrange the letters…or have some silly game with toliet paper.

And then post the winner of the gender lol

We have a girl now and I’m pregnant with our second we find out on Thursday what we are having but we are asking for it to be out into an envelop and then getting the colour pit into a balloon and doing a gender reavel in my aunties back garden all social distancing her back garden is massive hahaha. I can’t wait till birth it’s bad enough waiting till Thursday well Saturday🤣

Post of a pic of you eating a chocolate bar POST labor… either MOUNDS…or almond joy. Lol. Idk. Post labor humor. Congrats!! :heart::tada:


I’m due in August and the way I plan on announcing the gender is by a little sister or little brother sleeper !