What are some early signs of pregnancy?

What are some early signs of pregnancy that others have experienced?


Extremely tired, hightened sense of smell, grossed out by smells, gagging when brushing tongue.
That was my first pregnancy.
My 2nd pregnancy had no symptoms.

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Spotting, cramping, sore breasts, frequent urination…

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With my last baby I bit into a slimjim which I love and thought it was bad. Hubby and nephew both said they were fine. Took a pregnancy test the next morning and it was positive! I was 3 weeks

Extreme exhaustion. I woke up on a Sunday and immediately went back to bed and slept the entire day which is completely unlike me.

I was drinking apple juice all the time and was very tired

Just a late period. Took a test came back positive. I didn’t get any symptoms until roughly around 8-9 weeks … morning sickness 24/7 my entire pregnancies !!! It was awfullll no glow for me :rofl:

Sore breast’s. Tiredness. Nausea when eating. Those I think are the usual ones

I thought I had a cold at first. I was run down and sniffling. My stomach was upset. Took off from work early to go lay down and rest only for my best friend to ask me if I could be pregnant. Took a test that night and sure enough I was 3 weeks.

All I wanted to do was sleep

Tired, sore breasts, heightened sense of smell and funny sweet smelling urine for me.

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Completely irrational emotions to anything!!:rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:

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Period pain cramps…the same I would get every month just before my period, except this time my period didnt come!

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Lightheadedness. No other symptoms. I was out walking and almost blacked out. I googled what that could mean and pregnancy popped up. And I sure was!

Had to pee every 5 minutes lol

I didnt have any symptoms. Just felt it deep down.

Vomiting the second I was pregnant sore boobs

Exhaustion, and sore breast, and some Nausea…

Very tired and tender breasts

Puking 24/7 sore breasts, tired, light-headed. 5 weeks pregnant.