What are some first trimester must haves?

What have other mamas found useful in the first trimester as “must haves”? My nausea is kickin my butt


Ginger biscuits and mixed nuts. I found it easier to graze rather than eat meals

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I always had to have a bag and popsicles next to me the first 4 months i was lucky to keep anything down

Small snacks your tum can handle I at every chance I had. Tiny light snacks like almonds plain water if I over filled my belly I would be insanely sick and unwell feeling for hours…even dry cereal in a baggie to snack on when you feel like… meals were basically a huge mistake for me even preparing meals for my family made me sick

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Lemon helps relieve nausea. Just the smell can help but squeeze in your water is refreshing as well.

I got a travel band, helped a slight bit

Candy of any kind anything not healthy … tim hortons also ice coffee seems to settle my tummy and their sandwishes fill me fast enough for my stomach to not wanna get sick im almost 20 weeks still getting nausea ect but deff gone down now

Not good for your teeth but I sucked on jolly ranchers.
I also found when I took unisom at night I had less nausea the following day

Preggies pops, sprite with a lot of lemons and limes squeezed into it. Super cold water. Pickles.

Preggo pops saved me!

Peppermints helped me tremendously in my first trimester with both of my pregnancies. I also found that snacking a little more through the day helped my nausea as well.

Blue Powerade and vitamin b6 pills and ginger pills. I can’t remember the exact mg but I’m sure you could find it online. My doctor told me to take them every day and they decreased my nausea and vomiting a TON. I took them every day of my pregnancy, couldn’t go without them!

Ginger gum drops I got them at Trader Joe’s. Vitamin B12 helped me with being insanely tired

Flat lemonade or fresh ginger sliced in hot water

Okay so it sounds absolutely crazy but salt and vinegar chips in a small amount help my nausea

Lemonade as fizzy as you can stomach xx

Vitamin b12 supplement, it’s safe & it helps with the sickness

Saltines, gingerale, and I sucked on Altoids for my entire 4th pregnancy.

I’d drink ginger ale

Watermelon. I’ve been sick the whole time and I’m 37 weeks … watermelon always helps me feel better!