What are some fun ways I can tell my husband I am pregnant

I just found out that we are expecting another baby. We have a 6 and 7 year old (One of each) I have not told my husband yet but wanted some good/fun ways to tell him and the kids when we are ready to tell the kids.


Put a bun in the oven and tell him to get it out, see how long it takes him to get it. Lol

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Change the time on his morning alarm, when he wakes up and says I’m late, say I am too.


Give him a pickle and some ice cream.

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Get a plain white onsie and put coming soon with due date using fabric marker/paint or sharpie marker!!! Then you can put it on his pillow or a gift bag w/tissue paper!! Options are endless especially with Father’s Day around the corner!!! Congrats on your new addition!!

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take a hamburger bun and put it in the oven. tell him to open up the oven – bun in the oven!!

Poem: Roses are red, violets are blue. Babies are sweet and so are you. Gifted with baby shoes, pacifier, or other baby item.

Have him face the wall with a piece of paper taped to the wall. Then you tape a piece of paper on his back and then tell him to guess the letters you are writing on his back. And write, I’m pregnant on his back (on the piece of paper) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Norbit I’m with child!

Get the kids to hold ice bags. All of you stand in a row and get him to guess. Aka ice ice baby.

Do it in a fathers day good u could write something like all 3 of us love u daddy


Get a Father’s Day card n say happy Father’s Day daddy love write ur 2 kids names the put and baby ?

Leave a bun in the oven. When he gets home ask him what TF he did, when he gets confused… tell him to look in the oven…


Our 5th, I put a cinnabon in the oven with a note.

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Congratulations with dad it might be fun to tell everyone by having the three (your husband son and daughter) all get together for a “picture” obviously a video, and then instead of telling them to say cheese tell them to say mommies going to have a baby lol I think it would be funny to have them all put it together


Unltrospund with pictures of you other two holding signs and put the unltroound picture in th middle and give it to him congrats.

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Pinterest has Alot of good ideas

You can do a dinner with baby back ribs, baby potatoes, the little tiny baby corn (like you would put in stir fry)and baby bunt cakes or baby ice cream cones.


Have the two older ones pose with your husband for a father’s day picture. Have them to hold up signs behind him so he can’t see announcing the baby. Once you take the picture turn your phone/camera where like you want to show him how good the picture is. Would also be a good way to announce to everyone else as well…lol


You could do something like this

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