What are some funny things your kids have said?

What are some of the funniest things your kids have said that was off the wall and unprompted? My son came up to me today and said: “Mommy I put a chip up my nose.” I ask him why in the world he felt he needed to put a chip up there. His response was, “My nose is a pet mommy and I needed to feed it,” while petting his nose. I just can’t with this kid sometimes.


When my daughter was younger , she saw a commercial for Snow White movie. She called it " Snow White and the 7 twirps", lol

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I have two. :rofl:
When my 6 year old was 2 I used to say to her, “let’s go get dressed baby,” and 9 times out of 10 she would say, “how about no,?!” :rofl::rofl: one time though her beautiful mind stunned me for words. We were at my grandmothers wake when the priest started to tell stories about my grandma. He mentioned that she had lost many babies in the past and earlier that year I too had lost a baby so it really struck a cord with me. It was at this moment that my 5 year old turned to me and asked what a lost baby was? I told her that they were babies that had gone to heaven. Then she says “I think its a good thing grandma went to heaven, because now the babies aren’t lost anymore, they have grandma to mind them”. Of all the times I cried about the loss of my grandparents (my grandad followed 2 months after my grandma) this was the moment when I felt it really hit me. :sparkling_heart: my daughter helped me though it all, as funny as she is, this is the most beautiful thing she’s ever said.


My son goes “that’s it… I’m going inside” or “that’s it… I’m going to my room” when he is getting in trouble.

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My 16yo and I were clothes shopping last weekend. I pointed to a shirt in Hot Topic that I thought he’d like. He said “I can’t wear that, I’ll get bullied at school.”
Me:“You’re homeschooled though!”


My 3 year old at the time, would tell anyone she met her name was “Princess”. Although she answered to her name. I sat down and had tried to convince her, that although she is a princess her name is “Evie”. After a few efforts I was about to give up, when she sighed put her chin her hands and said “oh, I just wanna be a fu#$ing princess”. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My 6 year old asked me tonight if snakes like chocolate :joy:

My nieces were trying to explain to my dad that one of them is gay
My niece “grandad im a lesbian”
My 6 year “IM AN AUSTRALIAN” :rofl:


My 5 yr old asked me what store I was going to…I said “Acme.” She said “Acyou?”…lol

My son called the pillow to his comforter set “baby” and he dragged it around until it fell apart. Then he carried around the ruffle and tickled his nose with it. He called it “piece.”

My (at the time) 4yo said
“Mommy, have you seen my Mystery Machine car? The gang is in trouble”

My son said today that he knew I was cooking chicken nuggets for his lunch. I said how do you know? His response " because that’s all you know how to cook". I laughed and cried at the same time. He is 8 and a savage. I really did laugh and cry :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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