What are some good educational toys?

My son will be 3 in December and will be starting preschool first of next year; as of right now; he hardly talks at all. Maybe 5 words at most, but he is the smartest kid I’ve ever been around. Does anyone have recommendations for educational toys? I’m thinking about getting him a leap pad. Any opinions are welcome!


Leapfrog tablet and the 2 in 1 laptop/tablet is great for his age group.

I’d avoid leap pads. Find toys like blocks and age appropriate puzzles. Read to him and ask him questions about the pictures.


Here’s a sampling of some of the items from the Language Play category, screenshot from our catalog

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I loved the leap frog movies when my kids were that age.

Learning Resources brand and Melissa and Doug toys
Spend some time with other kids his age (if he doesn’t already) to help with his vocabulary
There are first words books that say the words too, then he can learn by repeating

My daughter had the same problem then she started pre school they put her in speech therapy at school

get him in speech therapy…i use blocks and stuff like that. toys that say the colors numbers and animals back…also my 3 yr old loves puzzles

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Melissa & Doug has cute stuff

Leap frog toys. Ask your doctor about his speech. Has he had vision & hearing exams? My daughter spoke very few words clearly when she was 4.5. I took her to get her eyes examined. Turned out she couldn’t see clearly so she couldn’t see how we moved our mouths when we spoke. Once she got glasses then speech therapy her speech became clear. Make sure you examine all possible explanations before putting her in speech. It’s a waste of time if he can’t see or hear how to make sounds.

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I did flash cards. I bought my son colors, shape, numbers and letters. I started at 2. By 3 he could name his letter and numbers. But all kids are different.igot them from Walmart $1each.

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My step son was very much like this and still is a little but you keep talking to them and read books as much as you can he will get their.

iPad and download educational apps

Same for my son. He’s 3, he says a lot of words but not as much as he should and he doesn’t say complete sentences. There’s a speech therapy app called Otsimo Speech, I like it but my little guy is too shy to say the words back to the little girl who is repeating the words.

have a daughter with speech problems got her in public school for speech therapy twice a week for 3 months she was cured only problem now is she wont shut up


Get a Mr pencil from big W :ok_hand:

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My son is the same way. He’ll be 3 in February! If you ask him pick out a blue car or a green block or pick out the garbage truck out of a group of vehicles or whatever he does it, just won’t say it! I’ve tried to say if you want that then say what you want & he just is so stubborn! I’m following this post cuz I’ve seen a lot of good ideas

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You know my second bonus son he was 3 years old just turning 4 when I first meet him
he was and still is all smiles and he did not talk very much at 3 years of age
At 5 year he went to school and he came back knowing the alphabet and songs we never taught him also numbers now hes 6 in the 1st grade and is very smart
I think if hes not speaking by the time he 4 or 5 then I’d go to a speech specialist

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Following. I’m having same issue

All my boys had leap frog toys. Don’t be surprised if he develops a strange accent. My oldest had a cross of a Boston and new York city accent from one of the toys. Still funny and he’d never been to either

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