What are some good indoor party games?

Spam me with easy indoor games for toddlers! The daughter is having a 4th birthday party in a couple of weeks. Her cousins are all the same age or a little older.


Paper plates step on them slide around to skate on the carpet or floor

Pin the candle on the cake, balloon game dont let the balloons touch tbe ground

Sock toss (balled up socks into baskets)

string obstacle course

Musical chairs/cushions

Pass the parcel

Freeze/Dance to the music

Duck duck goose

Scavenger hunt

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A 'treasure ’ hunt where each child gets to find a treasure

My four year old has been loving bingo. We use the ones with pictures

You could do a dance party. Get some glow sticks and put on some kids music for then to jam room


Pass the parcel … classic xx oh and musical statues xx

Musical chairs
Finger painting
Piñatas are always fun
Beauty salon do nails & hair

Ice skating race using wax paper on carpet
A string maze- everyone gets a color has to follow it through to their gift
Hopscotch with painters tape

Do a dance party theme with kids bop type music

Making a bird feeder with pine cones, doing crafts for Christmas decorations to hang on a tree, decorate their own cookies, and decorating a shower curtain with finger paint. These might be fun doing them in a garage or in the backyard depending on the weather.

If you don’t mind mess try having an art or science project. Something simple. Like building a snowman, making a tree out if pinecones and dots, stickers or paint, make a snow globe out of baby food jars,
Musical chairs,

For my daughter’s 4th birthday, we played 2 rounds of musical chairs. Kids loved it

Duck duck goose, I spy with my little eye—do reverse, tell them what to find, they tell you where, coloring sheets, front and back yard scavenger hunt-don’t forget to include some things from your, aunts and grammas purse…gum,mint, pen, perfume, and of course “special item” for each kid from outside… rock with their favorite thing, and then that’s another craft-rock painting

Musical paper , to start each child stands on a piece of paper , big enough for two feet to stand on . When music starts they have to dance around the room . Remove one piece before stopping the music , child left standing without paper under their feet are out , repeat until last child remains , my children loved this game .

Blow up some balloons and then give each child 1 balloon and then have them try to pop it by on it or however and then the winner gets a little prize or something also MUSICAL CHAIRS hope the ideas help and have a great party

Sitting on balloons and popping them race

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