What are some good online schools for kids?

I live in Los Angeles and there is talk of schools opening again. Due to my daughter having asthma, I’m scared of sending her back to school. I’m thinking of doing online schooling, but I’m conflicted on where to start. Do you have any suggestions on online schools that are good??

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Try connection academy

Contact your school district about options. I’m not in your area but I did homeschooling twice growing up and both times were directly through my borough’s school district.

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Contact your registered school. They probably have an online option.

The schools in my area are giving us the option of doing remote learning. See if your schools are offering that.

Check out DiscoveryK12 on Facebook. Has good info!

Im sure your local board of ed could help you. I believe (atleast in maryland) they have an online schooling system set up for homeschooling

Just a suggestion… There are many University students who are in education programs that are doing online schooling right now. If you contact them they probably will do tutoring because it’s good experience for them. Plus it also can put some cash in their pockets. I found a tutor for my daughter tentatively for September just in case schools are online.

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My family likes flvs, if we had to pick a different one it would be k12

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Most schools are doing e-learning again, wait until you hear from your school. I was given the option and opted to keep daughter home and they are gonna send me everything to home school :woman_shrugging:t2:

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K-12. Although schools are doing remote learning from home, actual homeschooling programs help out ( free laptops, chrome books, printer with ink and books sent directly to your home) my public school district doesn’t supply anything for home use…I’d check with your school district first. I’m very pleased with k-12

Time4learning.com We were homeschooled and this is the program my parents utilized.

I tried outschool.com for my toddler a few times. She loved their classes. They have a wide variety for all ages with varying days/times and very cost effective!

Highly recommend k12