What are some good songs for a labor playlist?

I’m due October 11th. I’m more demanding with my doctor’s this time around regarding the birth bc I did not get what I wanted when I could have with my first. Of course, whatever needs to happen will happen, but assuming I’ll have a normal delivery, I want certain things. I also want a labor playlist!! I have a few ideas, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be in labor longer than four songs lol. I am not religious help a mama out please so I can grow my list and get it ready in advance. Thank you!


I want to break free? Lol

Honestly made several. One that had soothing songs, one that was favorite songs, one that was Alanis Morrisette (for when I hated my husband), one that was “ladies rule”. You never know which you will be in the mood for.

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This is an old one but daddy’s girl by red sovine

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: I had this kind of music. Had me laughing and dancing and took my mind away from the pain.


I listened to Like a Virgin before I went into labor haha x

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Fuck it by buckcherry

Push it by Static X :rofl:


Anything with a soft rhythmic beat can help you time and control your breathing :two_hearts:

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I wanted everyone to stfu when I was in labor. Sorry I’m no help. Quiet was best for me lol


Y’all realize she doesn’t have to “demand” anything from doctors.
If she wants to have music playing, she can and they won’t stop her.
If she wants to have guests, she can.
If she wants to play board games, she can.
If she wants to play with her hair and makeup, she can.
Pretty much the only thing she cannot do is eat or drink and it’s for good reason.
Some of y’all get judgy asf. It’s a simple question, if you don’t have an answer, ignore it. You don’t need to tell her that her wants and needs aren’t as important as having a healthy baby.


Bon iver, very very peaceful band. Songs from them I recommend are wash, pdlif, michicant, holocene

I love that you have so many plans! I did too with my first pregnancy but I was in too much upset to even deal with it! Your positivity is inspiring!
I’d have to say, Can’t Stop Me Now by Queen!

When I would play reggae music my son would move a lot. Maybe try listening to music that your baby moves around too. Maybe it will help them come out faster? Lol

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I listened to Elton John during my c section with my last. He’s my fave so it greatly relaxed me and calmed my nerves.

Johannes Brahms, Chopin, Rossini. Classical music to help you relax!

And I want a bed of street tacos next to me but that’s not happening :weary::weary::weary:

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Push it, Salt-N-Pepa

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Hope you have baby on your date as it’s my birthday!!! Wishing for a safe delivery for you and baby no matter the day it’s born

Ring of fire Johnny cash