What are some must haves for your hospital bag?

Hey ladies! So I am 25 weeks pregnant today. After I scared the past week with the placental abruption and the contractions yesterday, I feel like I need to pack my hospital bag. My question is, what are/were your must-haves for you. Dad and baby?


2 pairs of comfy socks of your own! I hate those yucky ones they give you there. Also your own travel size toiletries, it makes you feel human to have your own stuff.

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Robe, slippers, Cell phone charger, gum, hard candy, toiletries, chap stick,

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Robe, slippers, granny panties, long & thick pads, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, lotion, brush, baggy t shirts, sports bras, sweat pants, socks, blanket, ipad, zipper pajamas for baby, outfits, socks, mittens, hats, breast pump, baby blanket, receiving blankets, burp rags, swaddle, pacifier & boppy.

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Chargers, electronics, good book, comfy non-slip socks, comfy leggings for time in hospital wearing gown, outfit to go home in, toiletries, blanket from home, outfit for baby to go home, onesies for time in hospital, wipes, diapers (hospital gave me a ton though), must have a car seat too for the hospital to release the baby

Extra clothes for mum and Bub, including underwear for you and singlets for Bub.

Phone. Phone carger. A pair of sweat pants. a comfy oversized top. And an outfit for baby. :joy: The hospital pretty much provides everything. I wouldnt over do it. Just grab your favorite comfort items.

Your favorite feminine pads, and lots of them, if you are a tampon user you still need pads. Comfy clothes for wearing home, like sweatpants, leggins, even a house dress, something to pass time, book cards phone laptop. A comfy nightgown and robe.

So my first child i bought all of the listed above. Ended up not needing anything but going home clothes for baby and me. Phone charger… they gave me everything my baby and i needed

Lotion and chapstick!

Adult diapers, I thought I’d be a medium but they were tight on me !

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Snacks for both of you
Hair ties
Chapstick (!!)

I was 17 when I had my oldest and 19 with my youngest. I didnt pack much either time because I didn’t want to haul so much back and forth. Carseat, outfits for baby, sweats/yoga pants and pj bottoms with baggy t-shirts for me, bathroom stuff, make up and charger.(pretty much think of what you use daily and comfy clothes)
The hospital supplied diapers, wipes, a robe (new mother gift), baby lotion, pacifiers, diaper powder. Not sure if all hospitals do this. Both mine were born at the same hospital it just moved locations between.
I packed a bag for me and the baby stuff in the diaper bag. You can never be over prepared thou. Just depends on your specific needs and wants.

Chapstick!!! Phone charger.

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Chap stick and hair ties. DO NOT forget those.
Shower stuff and loose comfy jammie pants baggy t shirts socks big old granny panties a couple outfits for baby and a charger for your phone and snacks

While it’s true that the hospital provides a lot for you and the baby, and it’s also true you shouldn’t overdo bringing things, it’s so hard to say what you will need since every hospital is different. My hospitals food was decent (wouldn’t say amazing but I wanted more of it while I was there) but I still ate my own snacks as well. The hospital has diapers and formula, though if you want a specific formula you’ll need to bring it. I loved wearing my t shirt and yoga pants while I was there. I also liked having my own pillow. Also, I suggest just getting the small bottles of things like shampoo/conditioner because the ones at my hospital sucked.

Comfy clothes (3 days just in case)
Pads if you want your own specific ones
Chargers for whatever electronics you bring
Going home outfit for baby
Cash for vending machines
Body wash

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What everyone else listed but also, just had my 2nd 3 weeks ago and it did not dawn on me until the nurse came in and pulled out my iv, but if you have hair on your arms, shave them cause that medical tape sucks! I have a bald patch on my arm because of the tape. Lol


Pads, toothbrush.
I hardly used anything tbh cause they provided a lot.

Snacks in case you have to stay in a while!

I just rrmember having a baby bonnet in the bag. It’s a good thing we did. Our first daughter was born in the car on the way to the hospital. We tore the ribbons off the bonnet to tie the baby’s umbilical cord!