What are some of your families Chirstmas traditions?

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions to do with your child? My family had a few while I was growing up, but I’m looking to create some of our own for my son’s first Christmas!


We started getting our little guy an ornament every year themed with something he likes!

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I loved driving around to look at Christmas lights as a kid! (I still love it and plan to continue when my daughter is old enough)


dads bday is Christmas eve so Santa always got a shot. He still gets a shot.

Cruising for lights around town

Christmas eve box. Then we have an elf.

We make sugar cookies for Santa to leave out along with carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. We open stockings on Christmas Eve. We decorate the tree together. We build a gingerbread house

Our family gets together on the 24 and we spend 24 and 25 together and the kids open a gift at midnight. Also special ornaments for them every year

We always got a new pair of warm pajamas and new warm robe and slippers on Xmas eve. And we would wear those new pajamas to bed, waiting for santa.

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On Christmas eve open a family gift that is new pajamas for everyone, popcorn, a movie, hot choc etc and have a family movie night with everything! :heart::evergreen_tree:

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So we get together Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Christmas Day evening lol. During the evening is when my entire family (extended) gets together and one of the adults dresses as Santa to hand out gifts (we do Kris Kringle with the cousins).

My kids get to open a present on Christmas Eve, new pajamas and/or house shoes which ever is needed. I try to do Christmas themed PJ’s. Then we drink hot cocoa and watch a Christmas movie. The first year we started this it was my mom’s idea she even got them Christmas coffee cups just for them. We have been using the same cups every year.

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My family would cut down our tree every year but here’s the good part… my mom and dad would not decorate the tree. Santa would visit the house Christmas eve and Christmas Day…the tree would be all decorated with tinsel and all💕 just imagine my eyes as I walked into the living room. WOW !! Every year santa decorated our tree until that fateful year of…

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We started getting my daughter an ornament every year in her stocking, this year since she’s big enough (2) we’re gonna do a Christmas Eve present with PJs, slippers, a movie, and a snack for her. Then we will spend Christmas day with just the 3 of us

Also new pjs on meds Xmas eve… my parents would sneak them in… and I do the same for my children. Legit feels like am elf drops them off before santa comes

We make the kids a Christmas list ornament every year. They get to write their wish list on it.

We always drive around looking at Christmas lights and drink hot cocoa


We make ornaments for each kid, watch its a wonderful life with hot chocolate and popcorn they each get a present for xmas eve and its always pjs to wear for xmas morning

Make Christmas cookies on New Year’s Eve. Eve presents with popcorn, hot coco mix, Christmas pajamas & slippers, Christmas book and movie. Cuddle up with Christmas Eve movie night then Christmas book in bed with the smell of cookies in the air. Also kids pick out their own Christmas ornament every year and I date them what year they got them. Letters from Santa on the 15th of December.

Since I was little we made count down rings out of construction paper and decorated by the stockings with it and before bed every night we got to take turns pulling them off. Each had a message on the inside about someone or something we loved about our family and why.

We have many traditions with our kids. We all get new PJs to open Christmas Eve. We always drive around and look at lights the weekend before Christmas. We always watch all the Christmas classics the week before Christmas. And if course spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family.

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