What are some of your toddlers favorite activities?

What are some of your 20-30-month-olds favorite activities? Running out of ideas and need some new ones. Anything welcome.


Running in circles. Climbing on me. Climbing on everything. Elbowing me in the tit. Sitting on his sister’s head. Kneeing daddy in the crotch. Chasing the cat. Throwing toys. Breaking everything he can get his little hands on. Trying to hold everything he owns at once. Playing with trash right next to the brand new toys I got him. Breaking the brand new toys I got him, but keeping the trash in tact. Toy cars and Kids YouTube videos about toys cars.


Do you have an inflatable? We have one small enough to fit in his room

Playdoh made from canned frosting and powdered sugar

Books are always good, building blocks, drawing or coloring- just about anything they can use their imagination on.

Sensory bins…fill with rice, beans, sand and hide items. Pretend play…kitchen, decorate snowman or hearts with Velcro dots and felt pieces, reading books,

Our lil loves coloring her walls in her room :rofl::grin:


My kid LOVED ice cubes-it was a favorite past time to play with ice in his high chair. That and sitting in his toy bin :joy:
We had a lot of dance parties and we played a LOT of tag in the house

Dance parties- youtube has kidzbop, jojosiwa(my 2 yr old is obsessed lol) the freeze song, the floor is lava song, lots of fun kid friendly dance party stuff.
An xl aqua doodle mat
Play dough
Tea party/play kitchen
Duplo blocks

We like to have dance parties. She loves dancing.

Crafts,painting, coloring, treasure hunts, puddle jumping, building blocks

Acornkids have an amazing range of products
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We go to a local gym for kids that has toddler classes. They also make a small trampoline that they can jump on and get energy out. Making easy meals that they can help you cook (like stirring the cheese into Mac n cheese, putting their own toppings on pizza). Playing silly games like Simon says or those wiggles songs. Going for a walk. Also check Amazon for like Montessori/school type items. I just got one pack that’s colors, counting, math, matching, etc that was pretty cheap. Giant roll of paper from a craft store and finger/foot painting on it. I have just taped a piece almost width wise of my living room and let my kids step all over it. Shaving cream (or whipped cream) with food coloring to mix/make colors. Making homemade play doh that’s warm. Tissue paper and sheets of sticky paper to decorate and then you can cut out shapes and put them in a window to look like stained glass kinda. Building forts and having a picnic lunch under them. Going outside with a small bottle of coke and a couple mentos (cause what kid doesn’t love explosions). Grinding Cheerios into sand and making a mini sand table, could also use food coloring to color the sand. Acting out books as you read them (like going on a bear hunt) just pretending to be different animals and making animal noises. Homemade Rice Krispies and cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Freeze dance (like freeze tag where you randomly shut off the music and freeze then dance again when it comes on). Put some food dye into water balloons and then freezing them, they make really cool colorful egg shapes but you’ll probably have hulk or smurf hands for the rest of the day. I hope there’s something here you haven’t done that’ll help.

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Going into my fridge and freezer all day, not listening, playing on the stairs. Attacking her sister, punching people. Hanging out in my window, not wearing clothes, being “afraid” of her baby brother. Talking back, wanting her hair done just to pull it out. And Cocomelon… so much cocomelon.


This is what my 30 month old daughter did for fun :sweat_smile:

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All 3 of mine have done/does most of the above mentioned, but they all (age 9,6,& 3) love Simon says, duck duck goose, uno, red light green light, those are just a couple I can think of right now (I need my coffee) hope it helps even a little :blush:

Play Doh, Pop up tents, ball pits, blocks, indoor mini slides, coloring with markers, dry erase drawing, puzzles, remote control cars/other remote controls

Body slamming me. Jumping off the steps. Running with things that he stole from his big brother. Pointing out the dogs naughty bits. Taking baths. Playing in mud. Hiking. :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t3:

Like who tf counts by months after 12 :sob::sob::sob::sob::weary:

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