What are some old wive tales you have been told?

Hello, can you post this for me to give these mothers something to think about and laugh at the same time? What are some old wives tales did you mothers hear about or believe in? Like one…if you take something off the top shelf raising your hands…the umbilical cord can wrap around the baby neck in the womb. (Dr said not true)


I was told if someone poked me in the belly button it would cause the cord to detach and kill my baby


Sex, castor oil, raspberry leaf tea, put you in labour. :joy:


Never raise my hands above my head make cord wrap around the neck, if u get burned somewhere your baby has that spot as birth mark


If you don’t get dried after a bath straight away you will turn rusty :joy::joy::joy::two_hearts:


Carrying a newborn baby while pregnant will induce you lol

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If you have no heartburn your baby will be bald the more heartburn the more hair. Not true for me. Both mine were full heads of hair and never any heartburn.


You know what i find funny is my dr put strict orders not to reach above my head late in pregnancy bc of riskes of strangling baby cuz cord was already around


if you have heartburn while pregnant your going to have a hairy baby.~ wasn’t true for me.

if you have cravings during pregnancy, your babies birth mark will have the same shape

if you throw up the whole time it’s a girl- very true for me

if your nauseated the first half it’s a boy

craving sweet/dairy = girl

salty= boy


If you lie dragon flies will sew your ears shut!


the old wives’ tale of not washing clothes or cleaning on New year’s eve/New year’s day


If you carry high it’s a girl, if you carry low it’s a boy


My grandma told me if you get really scared while pregnant…your baby will look like the face you made😂


If I didnt eat my craving my baby would end up malformed

Laying on your back, the umbilical cord can wrap around babies neck. Or if pregnant with twins and they share the same sack they can become attached together if u don’t move enough.

:joy::joy::joy:I was told if I wrap anything around my neck, sit in the doorway or sleep on my back, the cord will be around the baby’s neck

My belly button holds my whole body together

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Hiccups-- look or think of a white horse takes them away 🤷

If you have a lot of heartburn, the baby will be born with hair/a lot of hair. Me and my sister-in-law were pregnant at the same time both with intense heartburn. Both babies came out with full heads of hair. It’s an anctedote, but I sure believe in it now


If you walk under the head of a horse you’ll carry as long as a horse does.

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