What are some remedies for an acid reflux flare up?

Hi everyone I’m in so much pain I’m having an acid reflux flare up (which only just started in April I’m assuming from stress) I have been prescribed two medications that give me nasty side effects …tums aren’t working either is Pepto Bismol…it is currently 230 am, and I am in so much pain, and I’m exhausted…my chest hurts my throats on fire I keep burping acid, and my mouth is dry. What are the remedies that work for you! Please help I’m in so much pain…


Pepcid complete.
Baking soda.

If it’s already started, try and stay sitting up so gravity helps. Sleeping in a recliner helped during flare ups, and sleeping on my left side was usually pretty safe.

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A glass of milk or a couple ounces of dill pickle juice used to help me when mine flared up

Chew gum it’s the only thing that helped me when I was pregnant

A big spoon full of yellow mustard

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Baking soda 1t spoon 1/4 glass water.clears up faster

Pepcid complete i take in extreme flair situations for longterm i take 1 omeprazole over the counter every day. Nothing can touch me i also refrain from eating 2 hours before bed. Avoid crystaline sugars and anything with blue or green food dye :ok_hand:

Drink a big swallow of vinegar. I know it tastes bad but it will help.

Only thing that ever helped me was a slice or 2 of butter bread

Baking soda and water. U will burp. Instant relief

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I have severe reflux and vomiting. I find anything starchy helps a lot if you cant take meds . Mashed potatoes really works well to keep acid down

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Chew gum. I did this with all 3 of my pregnancies. Only thing that helped

Apple cider vinegar.

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Theres a tablet call ranitidine take one in the morning and one a night works wonders

Eat a banana daily and drink peppermint tea it will help. Avoid coffee fizzy drinks and chocolate and anything high in fat

I have the same thing , milk is the only thing that helps

Baking soda and water… milk…

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Marshmallow tea and slippery elm bark.

Ompremazole…you can buy it over the counter. If your having really bad acid reflux take two 20mg capsules.