What are some super early pregnant symptoms?

What are some very early signs of pregnancy that everyone is experienced? I’m wondering if you can tell me within the first week or two before taking a test?


Sore breasts and crying over everything.

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Sore breasts and emotional.

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I knew my first week. All the above symptoms

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Sore breasts was my very first pregnancy symptom

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Tender breasts, nausea. Those were the first symptoms I noticed with both of my pregnancies

I don’t know what kind of complexion you have but the first sign for me was seeing the veins be much more visible in my chest and breast area. Also sore breast, fatigue, feeling bloated and generally feeling just like I was coming down with something bc I was so tired and didn’t want to do anything

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Super tired all the time and sore breasts.

When I found realized I probably was pregnant, I had eaten a tub of cottage cheese, ham, pickles out of the jar, and ice cream. I never do that :joy: I was like hmm I should probably take one

Feeling hungover all the time! One day you are fine and one day you are continuously sick.

Boobs!!! Sore af that’s how I knew with my kids :woman_facepalming:t4:

Tiredness, vertigo, nausea, headache.

Instantly tired and peeing more and with both my boys I had diarrhea. Sorry tmi

Sneezing. Pregnancy rhinitis is a thing.

I knew I was pregnant before the test.

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Peeing alot, sore boobs, extremely tired

I craved Chinese food🤷🏼‍♀️ with both of mine… but other then that I felt tired all the time and Breast tenderness.

Sore breasts, emotional and tired lol

Well with me everytime iv had 5 kids, within the first two weeks I’d want mussels I usually can’t stand them :face_vomiting: