What are some things I can do to get my contractions going?

I am 37 weeks and two days pregnant; I’ve been away from home, my kids my common law for two months now due to being sent out early with my pregnancy; today, I had a doctors appointment and was told I am 4cm cervix is at 80% thinned, I’ve tried walking around lots, I’ve tried raspberry leaf tea, squats literally anything to get my contractions going, I am homesick I miss my kids what else is there to help me get my contractions going, if I don’t have my baby over the weekend I will be getting induced, and it’ll be my first time, and I am scared, I need help any tips? *PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST CASTOR OIL


I would say sex maybe…

I think you should let your body do it’s thing… it’ll know when you and your baby are ready…


Sex might work or try one of those balls that you sit on

Sounds so strange but I was 40 weeks+ 7 and I was fed up I got down on all fours and cleaned the living room floor by hand . Nothing too strenuous. That night my contractions started . I wasn’t dilated at all prior and when I got there was told I was 4cm and they were keeping me in to break my waters if they didn’t go by themselves

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You can try everything under the sun and it will only work if baby is ready to come. You aren’t required to be induced, unless there is a medical reason. If you don’t have a medical reason and don’t want to be induced, then tell your doctor no.


Good luck. I tried so many things to get my contractions going with no luck. Walking, squats, sex, bouncing on a birthing ball you name it. Nothing worked! Let your body do what it’s made to do. Baby will come when ready.

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Pray, you must relax. They told me to walk.

All I can suggest is walking and bouncing on a birthing ball! Don’t try anything that may put baby in danger

They are going to induce you at 37 weeks? Why? Why not let the baby come when they are ready? You are risking preterm birth.


I was 4cm dilated for a week at 37 weeks as well. Being intimate with my husband was the only thing that got things in motion. Had her the same night.

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Just lay on your left side

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Sex anything pineapple walk bounce on a ball

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An exercising bouncing ball! It helped me. Try not to lay down for a long period of time and walk around as much as you can.

I was induced at 41 weeks and 3 days! I had to be induced, TWICE!! Did walking even had TWO membrane sweeps. Baby will come when they are ready!!! It’s not scary to be induced. Just keep walking!! Good luck and congratulations!

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Cum just softens your cervix and you’re plenty soft but if you can orgasm that can cause contractions. I can’t orgasm that far along lol. Pumping and breast play may start contractions. After that your body just has to do its thing.

You wait until you are 40 weeks. Baby is just not ready yet


Still plenty of time. Baby will come when baby is ready.

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I was close to full term and tried everything and nothing worked. Everyone is different so try all the suggestions. But no need to be afraid if you do need to be induced. I ended up getting induced on my die date and it only lasted 4 hours

Intimate with husband
Spicy food
Keep exercising

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