What are some things I can do to get my contractions going?

I have tried everything, girl. Nothing works. Just have to wait till your baby is ready.

Nipple stimulation and orgasms. The serotonin helps contractions start.

Why would they induce you? I thought 40 weeks was full term…

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Stairs mama. Walk some stairs.

You are only 37 weeks… Also why cant you see your kids? Nothing makes sense here…

Try not to be overly afraid.You are having another baby.Try to be excited.Congrats.

Sex usually works, especially if you orgasm. Since you’re away from your significant other, you’ll have to make yourself orgasm.:woman_shrugging:t4:

I’m trying to figure out why you are wanting to induce labor yourself bit you are scared of a Dr doing it. I have been induced twice and I had no issues what so ever. Both times it was needed though, not something either of my drs wanted to do so they could go on vacation or have a break.

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Nipple stimulation/ orgasm… seems you’ve tried everything else lol

Dancing made me and my sister go into labor

Fresh pineapple worked for me xx

Top gear set me off im sure of it
I was laughing so hard at them that it set off the contractions. I woke up the next morning and my waters had gone

I was a week late and uncomfortable so I decided to get induced and it wasn’t bad! I had him in less than 10 hours, first baby.

Nipple stimulation for sure! And spicy food

I don’t see why they are doing that. I’m 39 weeks at 4 cm and 80% effaced and lost my plug. I’m getting induced the 25th if I make it that long. I’m sorry you have to deal with that mess.

My water broke at 39w when I bent over to change my two year olds diaper.
She was laying on the floor and I was sitting on the couch. I bent over, changed her, sat back up, and leaked a little. Went to the bathroom thinking I peed. Came back in the living room and had a gush come out.

Your child decides when they come!


You can try nipple stimulation, warm baths, orgasms, an exercise ball sit on it and bounce while rotating your hips ( if you don’t have an exercise ball the corner of your bed should do).

The only thing that worked for me, was eating some pineapple. Be careful though, worked super fast for me :joy::joy: my little one was here from start to finish in 5 hours :sweat_smile:

I was induced with my last one, pitocin is the devil but I’ve had 2 of my 3 kids naturally because of a messed up epidural with the first one. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I would still rather chance the pitocin again than the epidural. Having a baby is scary every time but I wish you all the best and know you have more support than it feels like