What are some things I can do to get my contractions going?

Pineapple juice! Drink a ton of it.

Nothing people say will make your baby come, it’s a myth. Those that say “this worked” only think it did because baby was ready to come. Relax, mama! Take the opportunity while you are kid free :relieved: xx


Sex and orgasms from both you and your partner! Lots of deep squats. Also don’t forget to take time to rest too. Take a bath and paint your toe nails. Some times relaxing and doing things to make yourself happy and relaxed does indeed do the trick! I’ve used it to get myself into labor. If for some reason everything fails and you do get induced, it isn’t that bad. I’ve had pitocin with 5 of my 7 kids. It does make the contractions stronger and more frequent, but is not as bad as some people make it out to be. Ask for a basic simple induction where they break your water and give you pitocin. Your cervix is already dilating and thinning on it’s own, so you should be able to just get pitocin and have your water broke. That is usually enough to get a baby out (again, that’s all it took with 5 of my 7 kids). You can also ask your doctor to sweep your membranes, that usually seems to help too (not always, but since you’re already at a 4 and 80% there is a good chance it will do something to help). Good luck to you mama!

Walking up and down stairs

Scrap membrane! I was 4cm like u for 3 weeks then i went to doctor he scrapped my membranes around 9/10am and my baby was born @ 10:57pm in my car cause i wasnt going to make it hospital

Walk the curb. Spinning babies.

I tried it all nothing actually works unless babes is ready. 1st one came right at 39 weeks. And my second i got induced at 38 weeks.

Sex. Went into labor within four hours after.

I had two of my babies at 37 weeks both times induced by my doctor and my first son i went into labor naturally i do have to say i rather ve induced it goes smoother and any where between 37 and 40 weeks is considered full term

Pumping will cause contractions

Eat a fresh pineapple!

Sex. Lots of walking. If you have a peanut ball or just a large body pillow place in between your legs and rotate from one hop to the other about every 30 mins. Helps work the baby down. Worked with my stubborn daughter. I was 8 cm dilated 100% effaced and the doctor still couldn’t reach the water sac to break it. And 1.5 hr with a peanut ball. She about shot out. 3 pushes out.

Nipple stimulation was the only thing that brought on contractions for me but it didn’t put me into labor. I was scheduled to be induced with both of mine or else I wouldn’t have even tried to bring on labor. Baby will come when he/she is ready.

A friend of mine put kayro syrup in orange juice. Nothing I tried got mine started.

I ate Buffalo wings on a Thursday, that Friday I went into labor.

Lots and lots of walking (I actually went for a hike and I hated every moment)

I hope this helps !

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I went over my due date by 2 days and for me as skeptical as I was before trying it out was that sex helped me go into labor. The next day around noon my water had broke.

I had one glass of red wine and went into labor that same night

There’s a trend on tiktok (I know, I know but hear me out) where heavily pregnant women are dancing and some of them actually have their water brake on camera while filming.

So… dancing?

Bouncing on a yoga ball helped me. And if there’s anyway you could get a peanut ball that’s what made me dilate the fastest.

sex, spicy foods, walking, bouncing on an exercise ball. practice kegels.
all 3 my kids were born 38wks, 39 wks 4d- (induced) and 37w 4d