What are some things I can do to stay hydrated wbhile pregnant?

I’m 15, almost 16 weeks pregnant. I cant keep myself hydrated. I had to draw blood today, and I was so dehydrated that I had to poke at about eight times just t to get enough blood for my lab work. Any tips on how I can stay hydrated?


Water and body armor both also can help post pregnancy if you plan on breast feeding as well

I had to drink nearly 2 gallons a day. Even if you don’t want to… Drink water. Constantly sip aaalllll day

Water and keep ice in the freezer to crunch on

Ask your midwife too x

I put 8 bottles of water in the fridge every day and make myself drink 1 at least every 2 hours. I personally love water and don’t drink sodas. Watermelon and other melons have lots of water. I struggled drinking water that was not super cold, so always kept cold water or fluids. Stay away from sugary drinks or caffeine

Watermelon and cucumbers also Pedialyte


Carry a water bottle around with you no matter where you go, drink whenever you feel thirsty, refill and repeat. Watermelon is also a good shout as well as cucumber :slight_smile:

Pedialyte is safe for pregnant women. :hugs:


liquid IV add to your water and it Hydrates you better then just water alone

Ice worked best for me even through my difficult, high risk,pregnancy

Drip Drop packets like getting an IV. Hydrates you very well. But double check since you’re pregnant if it is safe the pregnancy should be but don’t take my word for it

Powerade zero with the electrolytes

For safety sake…get yourself checked out for gestational diabetes if you’re that thirsty all the time.


Just.keep drinking water add ice lemon slice and a little cucumber

My doctor told me to drink pedialyte while I wad pregnant with my daughter. I was so dehydrated that he was talking about sticking me in hospital for iv. But pedialyte did the trick

Pedialyte popsicles!

Get in the habit of taking a go cup everywhere you go. I had to do that. And now it’s a must. Big Tervis tumbler full of ice water. They’re wonderful, they don’t sweat

I’ve been looking into those Curkul water bottles with the flavor cartridges. Not prego, but continually dehydrated with awful headaches. I don’t drink pop, but also have a hard time “wanting” to drink water. Apparently I can’t live on coffee alone LOL

Water and sport drinks low sugar. If nausea is a problem? Gingerbread helps plus it helps hydrate