What are some things I can do to stay hydrated wbhile pregnant?

You can get water with electrolytes in it, which should help. Pedialyte is also a good thing to drink. If you are constantly drinking water but still dehydrated, you need to see your doctor. Could be a kidney issue in that, your kidney’s are not retaining water like they are supposed to when they process fluids to make urine. Your blood volume increases while pregnant making it necessary to consume much more water than normal.

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Pedialyte all the time.

Go to your obgyn and ask about diabetes not to scare just a ?

Set an alarm on phone add lemon juice or water flavouring so it’s more appealing and buy bottles n chuck some in fridge some how seems more appealing

Get a nice water bottle, maybe HydroFlask. Carry it with you everywhere. Make it a point to drink several ounces before you eat anything. I do NOT think this is a symptom of diabetes. When you have diabetes you are very thirsty

Put frozen fruit in a water bottle with your water. It tastes much better and has natural sugars instead of being sodium packed and full of corn syrup like most of the hydrating gatorades and/or ‘juices’ have.

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Ur doctor needs to test you. You might need an IV.

Ice! I also froze Gatorade!

Flavor your water!! Infused with fruit. Drink coconut water. Munch on ice.

If you’re like me, buy a bag of sonic ice. I lived on it for about 3 weeks because nothing would stay down even with meds lol


Pedialyte and Powerade

Body armor drinks for sure


Depending on what phone you have theres an health app that has a drink water reminder. Or set a timer on your phone.

Lots of water and ice cubes

Gatorade the clear/ white

I used to eat ice all day

When I had this issue my Dr recommended Gatorade after they gave me fluids through an IV.

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I lived on Sleepytime tea

I bought a cirkul water bottle. It helped me drink a lot more water.

Smart water, any water or drink with electrolytes in it