What are some things I can do to stay hydrated wbhile pregnant?

Pedialyte, gatorade, anything that has electrolytes

Life hack: Race trac gas stations let you fill your OWN plastic bags/small cooler with their crushed ice for free! If you use their cups they charge you for ice but bring your own plastic bags they won’t say a word. I did this when I was pregnant with my son!

Propel, flavored waters, fruit infused water, Gatorade, tea. I always had to have a variety of cold drinks on hand but couldn’t do iced drinks once I felt cold I’d be done. So it was cold or room temp.

I drank coconut water I don’t know if there is science behind it but I drank a ton of water pre pregnancy and still did during pregnancy but for some reason I couldn’t stay hydrated… I ordered some that were soooo expensive but I’m sure you can find some where the Gatorades are in big box stores

Watered down gatorade/watermelon/ grapes/ice pops

Put some Gatorade in ice cube trays and just eat them or suck on them throughout the day…helped me so much I was sick.for the first 5 months and they were life savers for me…

Vitamin water
Coconut water
Something with electrolytes
Be careful
Dehydration can cause contractions

Frozen Gatorade helped me

Whenever I was pregnant I drank Body armor drinks when I was sick of water, flavored aloe water in the mornings and before bed, and kept a 1 liter bottle with ice water near.

I had the same issue. I would drink a bunch of water and was never hydrated enough

I had HG with all 3 pregnancies! I carried a reusable water bottle with me & used additive with electrolytes.

I try to drink water and herbal tea, but if I have very much, I end up throwing up all the fluids I just got down :frowning: I have been eatting ice like crazy though…especially when I can find the chewy ice or crushed ice

I had a doctor once tell me that if you drank anything that didn’t have caffeine, alcohol, or a high acid content, it helps with hydration.

Ginger ale was mine. Not cold though just off the shelf. Orange juice was one kid. Water just didn’t do it. Oh and coffee for one kid and yes it was okd by the doctor

Hospital asap, get a drip

I had my son two months ago and while I was pregnant I was always thirsty…sucking on ice cubes helped me

Get yourself a 2L water bottle and finish that within a day each day

Hydralite is good to have. Ice (I loved ice or icy cold water while pregnant).

Is it possible you have covid? I always drink quite a bit of water but one of the first things I noticed was no matter how much I was drinking I was very dehydrated, even without a fever.

Do the ten gulp rule for water. Fill a big bottle with a straw and every time you pick it up, don’t put it down until you’ve taken ten big gulps.