What are some things I can do with my kids to keep them busy?

Hello, I need help. My 8 yr old boy only wants to be on the computer (Minecraft, youtube) and my girl wants to watch tv. They have board games and LEGO’s, but they find them boring. How can I get them off the computer and tv? Before COVID 19, everything was fine with extracurricular activities. Now I don’t know how to entertain them. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks


Make a schedule. Have them do chores to earn video game time. Mine are only allowed an hour a day of xbox/computer. They hate it but it keeps them from doing nothing all day.


I struggle with this with my eight year old as well. She has to earn tablet time through chores and good behavior, and I try to limit the time on top of that as well. She has to spend a certain amount of time playing outside or reading or playing with toys that are not electronic. It is always a fight but it is for the best.


Press the power button. :woman_shrugging: It tends to work with both of my kids.


Lots of outside time. Bike ride

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I unplugged the router and said the internet is down for maintenance they will find something else to do that is fun


Park, walks , crafts, limit there time my daughters device i limit time she is on a day i have parental control app

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Take them out of the house… all electronics stay home. Go on a hike…make it a scavenger hunt.


Crafts,science experiments,board/card games. Read a book,play with toys.

find things they like do that with them and incorporate somethings into your daily life and at least 1-2 hours of they the day they do something that you like to do

Mine don’t have a choice. They only get their phone and games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
they do the chores to earn their game and phone time.
We go outside to ride bikes, swim, explor the nature and creek. Maybe an obstacle course or scavenger hunt. Pintrest has tons of crafts, activities and recipes. My girls love learning in the kitchen.
We also do All kinds of DIY home repair, car repair, gardning and canning together.
We teach by hands on.


Take them outside to explore

I take my kids outside to the park or public pools or lakes. They hardly get electronics because they get so addicted to them. We also have a membership to the zoo. The kids love it and its educational

I told my daughter the TVs were broken once :rofl::rofl:

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Bikes, skateboards, skates, water play… anything outside…

They need to get their butts outside. Plan a family bike ride every day go for a nature hike, put out a slip and slide, sidewalk chalk, badminton, grab a basketball and go shoot some hoops, take them to the golf driving range, get some kites on windy days, give them chores to do. If my kids come and tell me they are bored, I give them chores to do. They have learned to get themselves busy for the most part.

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I have a list for me of if they get bored. They as well get one hr of tablet time. Then if they want more they can earn 30 more minutes max for the afternoon by completing 3 pgs of workbook pages. They play outside on and off all day long… we play two board games every night. And go for a walk or a twomile bike ride nightly. We also read stories every night. They also do puzzles and chores. They also match socks for a penny a pair ( I hate matching socks lol) once they reach 25 pairs they double their money.


We do puzzles, play catch phrases and cards. I even taught them cribbage. We also color and those paint by numbers might have something your son would want to paint.

Try going outdoors take them for a little hike so they can learn about nature!

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We have been struggling with this also and have to limit the electronic time. Puzzles, art, Nike rides, roller blades, basketball, trampoline, pool, baking with an adult…